The 67th Northern Norwegian art exhibition

21.06.2013 to 30.06.2013

Open Thursday - Sunday 12-17
Vernissage Friday 21 June 18 to 21
Sunday 30 June. 14 - tour of the exhibition by jury member Kristin Tårnes

The Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition (Nordnorsken) is an annual exhibition of visual arts by artists who were born in, is or has been based in the region. Bodø Kunstforening owns and manages the exhibition. Nordnorsken now appears in Tromsø for the first time in 5 years.

This years' jury has met in two rounds, on 17 - 19 September and 5 - 7 november 2013. There has, like previously, been free submission and the jury has assessed each work individually. This year there were a total of 178 (2012: 95) applicants with a total of 417 (237) works. From these, 30 (45) artists and 50 (68) works moved on to the second jury round. The final exhibition consists of 21 (28) artists with 25 (31) works. Of these nine newcomers (14). Numbers in parentheses refer to the previous year.

Statements from the jury: The basis for the jury's work has primarily been the somewhat vague concept of artistic quality. We have to a satisfactory degree, without putting it into words, agreed upon what this quality is and made choices based on this. Each work has been assessed separately. From this comes the unpredictable variation in expressions that a regional exhibition is expected to have. But when we saw the results of the jury's second round, we could still discern the outlines of a zeitgeist or perhaps rather a sort of narrative in the exhibition. Many of the works seem to have a kind of unspoken kinship with each other. I will not say whether this arises from the jury or the applicants collective psyche, but there is something there. I like it, because ultimately this is what a good collective exhibition wants to achieve: individual works that are strengthened through communication with each other.
Tom S. Kosmo

This years' jury price goes to Hedvig Biong for her image series About making others hurt. The series, which consists of paintings and drawings, made an impression on the jury from the first time we saw it, and was reinforced by later presentations and closer look into it. The work extends beyond what one would expect of painting in general and figuration in particular. The series works like sections of a story you'll never really grasp, with its traces of humans in gray and timeless interiors. Precise photographic elements is poiting towards a distance, but also credibility. A disturbing narrative can be sensed between the outtakes Biong has chosen to show us. Pictorial strength and character, confidence in the choice of materials and a subtle use of narrative elements made the jury convinced of this year's winner.

The jury consisted of the following four members: Vilde Salhus Røed (Bergen), Tom S. Kosmo (Bergen), Ingunn Moen Reinsnes (Vesterålen) and Kristin Tårnes (Tromso)

The artists and their residence or affiliation to Northern Norway;

Nordland: Kamilla S. Mathisen (Sorfold), Elisabet Alsos Strand (Mo i Rana), Ann Kristin Einarsen (Narvik), Frank Ludvigsen (Bodø), Johanne Seines Svendsen (Gimsøy Strand), Ragnhild Lie (live in Stamsund), Hedvig Biong (studied in Kabelvåg), Pia Henriksen (Kabelvåg), Kunstrevyen (Ragnhild Lie, Vibeke Stein Holm and Anki Gerhardsen (substitute for Kristin Jørgensen), Denmark), Mika Gaunitz Renard (Sortland), Guttorm Glomsås (studying in Kabelvåg), Lisbeth Johansen Sjøvoll (Vågan), Arne Pedersen (Bodo), Ingri Haraldsen (Alstadhaug), Berit Oksfjellelv (Hemnes), Eva Bakkeslett (Steigenberger)

Troms: Roald E. Hansen (Tromso), Hans Ragnar Mathisen (Tromsdalen)

Finnmark: Solbjørg Hansen (Vadsø / Kirkenes), Sonja Siltala (Vadsø)

Nordnorsken is a regional exhibition with long traditions. Its purpose is to give contemporary art an arena for new establishment and development. The exhibition's purpose is to give as many as possible the opportunity to experience contemporary art in their local area. The traveling exhibition will visit 11 locations in Northern Norway during the period January 10 - December 8th.

The tour is supported by Nordland County, Troms County and Finnmark County Council. Shipping support from Norwegian Association of Art Societies.

Welcome to the 67. Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition!