About Kurant

Kurant is a artist-led space based in Tromsø, which has been running since 2009. Until November 2018, we were based in the premises of Søndre Tollbodgate 17, in the Nordbyen part of the city.  It is currently running a nomadic programme in and around the Tromsø area.

Kurant's objectives are to assist in the development and strengthening of Tromsø's growing art scene and environment. The programme is shaped by the artists who organise and run the space, focusing particularly on contemporary emerging and early career artists. Kurant is organised and run with a democratic philosophy - a practice by which the decision making and shaping of the space is dictated by shared consensus between those who are present and participate.

Today, Kurant is run by Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl, Humle Rosenkvist and Ruth Aitken, with additional help from André Enger Aas.

Previous artists running Kurant:

Geir Backe Altern (Founder)
Line Solberg Dolmen (Founder)
Kåre Grundvåg (Founder)
Kristin Tårnes
Maria Danielsen
Susanne Sakariassen 
Camilla Fagerli
Henrik Sørlid
Madelen Eliasson

We are organised as an association and currently have an advisory board of Hege Kristin Widnes (Chairperson), Britt Kramvig, Mette Marith Aspmo and Kristin Tårnes. We receive public funding from the Norwegian Arts Council and Tromsø Kommune, with additional funding from other bodies on a project basis.