Construction of a New Body

15.11.2019 to 17.11.2019

Maija Liisa Björklund, Johanne Bøckmann, Line Solberg Dolmen, Linn Horntvedt, Nicolas William Hughes, Soko Hwang, Emelie Karin Ieremia, Maren Dagny Juell, Aaron McCarthy, Agnieszka Mastalerz, Tromsø Folkekjøkken, Tanya Varbanova and works from the Arsenal (De), Lightcone (Fr) and Filmform (Se) archives.


From the Swedish Folk Home to the New-town, Corbusier to the Metabolism movement to Celebration Village; from Radio Calisthenics to the Greek gymnasium to the Nazi’s ideal man - the body and the home have historically been used as sites for the manifestation of political ideology, the collective and social change. How are our bodies collective sites of contest and creation to propagandise or empower the political systems we are within? Who designs the buildings we inhabit or the political paths we move along? Is the body directed by the houses and the system it works within or does it mold, shape, strengthen or destroy? ‘Construction of a New Body’ seeks to explore contemporary modes of living, our collective movement and the question of who builds utopia and how do we live there when it is done?

‘Construction of a New Body’ is a three-day, mini art-festival based at the Auditorium, Stakkevollan, Tromsø.






12:00    Stakkevollan Flag Project Line Solberg Dolmen's drop-in collective workshop


17.00    Exhibition Opens


18.00    Performance Walk with Tanya Varbanova (sign up required, see link)

20.00    Screening Programme Part 1 Starts (full programme further down) 

22.00    Door Closes




11.00 - 20.00 Exhibitions Opens


12:00    Stakkevollan Flag Project Line Solberg Dolmen's workshop contd.


13.00    Performance Walk with Tanya Varbanova (sign up required, see link


20.00    Screening Programme Part 2 Starts


22.00    Door Closes



11.00   Exhibition Opens

People's Kitchen Starts  

14:00  Festival Closes

More things to come!