We are happy to receive project proposals or for artists to get in touch with us regarding collaborations, ideas, research, network or just want a chat! We can't do everything, but we will definitely consider everything and come back to you when we can.


Bear in mind we have irregular office hours - we will do our best to come back to you in good time, but it may take a few days if we are occupied in a project/event



Contact info:

Ruth Aitken
+47 40613929

Andrea Conradsen

+47 41366128

Org. nr: 997 903 927

Post address:

Postboks 224

9253 Tromsø


Office address:

We always (almost always) have coffee in the office. Drop by if we are home

Tromsø Kunstforening,

Muségata 2

9008 Tromsø