Dead or alive

18.05.2012 to 27.05.2012


Open Thursday - Sunday 12-17

Vernissage on 18 May 19.00
Launch of the book "ettersom/eftersom" by Erik Betshammar and Kirsti Taylor Bye


Dead or Alive

When is a work finished? Is the work alive? Can art be alive? What we see, is it finished, has it begun, is it going to be finished?

We are working on the basis of an interest in the urge to classify society and nature around us, a need to say that everything is either or, animal or human, natural or cultured, dead or alive. We want to look beyond this, or maybe inbetween. Is there grey areas where things can be both, both dead and alive?

It is also mportant for us to let the audience take part in the process of creating the work and decide for themselves what it is they are seeing. We will make the whole process open to the audience, from initial texts describing a plan for a work, through the burning itself, physically creating the work, to what one might call the finished product, objects seen in the room. Everything should be visible so that it is not the work itself that is a mystery, but we who see what there is, and our lives.

Sven Drobnitza (1974) is originally from Düsseldorf. He has a master's degree in photography from the College of Photography in Gothenburg. Currently he lives in Gothenburg, and works as an artist and illustrator.

Kirsti Taylor Bye (1985) is originally from Trondheim. She has a master's degree in photography from the College of Photography in Gothenburg (same class as Sven). Currently she lives in Tromsø, where she works at the Art Academy in Tromsø and as a photographer.