Duty Free

04.10.2016 to 16.10.2016

the joy and beauty of collaboration and why it sucks

An exhibition by Nicolas Siepen

“I was afraid that I couldn’t work without all those flashy junkies that were hanging around the Factory and did their kinky numbers... Afraid that I would lose my creativity. They had been a perfect inspiration for me since 1964... I was not sure that I would make it without them...” Andy Warhol

There is a rich and fuzzy HISTORY of collaborative artist run places with particular qualities in common. Briefly they transcend location and time. The social environments created in and around these places have in common that these collaborations produce cluster of artworks in flux on a daily base. But as such they can only appear when nobody claims AUTHORSHIP. That's the joy and beauty of collaboration and indeed COMMONSIM - to produce free and beyond the horizon of the so called author and the rest of it. When it goes well these places are FREE POPULAR AVANTGARDE. On a bad day DUTY FREE means cleaning with a hangover the mess from the night before and worry about money before the night after. The little drama of iCAPITALISM so to speak. The strange thing is though, that self-organized art spaces, once they become part of history, only present themselves in the sparkling void of their latent presents in vain. KURANT is alive and kicking and as such a present homage to this void. That I have to appear as the author of this homage sucks.


German artist etc. Nicolas Siepen is well known in the Tromsø art scene as professor at the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art for many years. Now that he is leaving his position at the academy, this exhibition is his (in)formal farewell to the city and its inhabitants.

Opening party will be on tuesday 4th of October, ca. 20:00 - 01:00. DJ NixiMaxi will be playing. Free entrance.

Exhibition open saturdays and sundays, 12:00 - 17:00.

As part of the exhibition we will on Kulturnatta, October 7th, screen the films Latent River #1-2, together with a concert by the Tromsø Dollsz Arkestra. See separate event for more info.