Earthbound - Surfing the apocalypse


Kurant 20.00 to 23.00
Driv from 23.00 to 03.30

Saturday, August 18, Love OD Communications shows parts of the exhibition 'Earthbound - Surfing the Apocalypse' in connection to a label evening at Driv later the same night, with concerts by Boska, Mental Overdrive and Charlotte Bendiks plus works by the Czech video artist Petra Hermanova.

The transmedia art project 'Earthbound - Surfing the Apocalypse' is created by Per Martinsen, and has evolved over more than two decades. The project includes text, music recordings, art installations and a variety of web-based elements which all helps to build the project's universe - a universe where questions concerning the individual's place in our times' machine of digital information is central.

The text from the project is published as an e-book, and a soundtrack of the project is released on vinyl, CD and as a digital album.

Between 2000 and 2300 you will have the opportunity to experience the laser and bass installation 'Elsewhere', as well as several other works from the project before the evening continues with related music at Driv.

Love OD Communications was founded as an independent label in 1995 by Per Martinsen, best known as the artist behind the name Mental Overdrive and part of the duos Frost and Illumination. The recent years the label has started collaborating with several new artists, and expanded to also include publications, events and productions of other art forms.

All of Love OD's projects have a strong focus on technology as an artistic tool.

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