Birds eye view of process creating artist Kåre Grundvåg's Earthwork



Meet up: North entrance JEKTA STORSENTER. Tour will leave at 19:00


Running late? Ring 40613929




Kurant Visningsrom invites the public of Tromsø on a late-night walking tour to visit Kåre Grundvåg’s open-air project, ‘Earthwork’, at a mystery site on Tromsøya.


‘Earthwork’ is the first part of the industrial process of shifting and altering landscapes, excavating foundations for new construction. It is the shifting of matter, and shaping into something unrecognisable - an act of rearrangement. 

Tromsø-based artist, Kåre Grundvåg, presents a series of changing sculptures, earth works, outside in Tromsø. They are created from, and are returned to, a forgotten region of Tromsøya. Earth has been excavated, transformed and returned to the site, where it will live, change further, and collapse back into the hole it came from. ‘Earthwork’ is the same stuff, in a different form.


The works have been slowly placed out in Nedre Håpet since the start of July, are in varying states of flux, and reformation, and will continue changing, even beyond the point they are visible.


Tour: Friday 24th July at 19:00


Works visible until August (circa)