Eliminator + Unfolds

20.04.2012 to 29.04.2012

"ELIMINATOR" Lisa Him-Jensen and Anja Ulset + "Unfolds" Gunn Hilde Høyer

OPENING FRIDAY 20.04 19:00
Open Thursday - Sunday 12-17


ELIMINATOR is centered around a collection of portraits of recently vanished animals.
Most of all life that ever existed on earth, for various reasons, died out. And now, with a little assistance from a certain animal with a beautiful mind and a remarkable capacity for empathy, species are disappearing in an even faster speed. Certainly one can imagine that this is regrettable, but what if these animals are carrying a large share of the responsibility themselves? They could most certainly have made a greater effort, had a greater emphasis on their attractive qualities and a brighter idea of how to be worthy relative to the market. One fish in the hand is so much less than a lot in the sea.

Lisa Him-Jensen (b. 1980, Stockholm) lives and works in Bergen. She took her MA at the academy there in 2009, and is now a member of Bergen Atelier Group (BAG).
She works with text, drawing and painting. Her project has recently focused on man as a rather unsuccessful animal, incapable in the most animalistic things, but also uncomfortable in the world she has created for herself. This year, Lisa has been artist-in-residence through Bergen Kommunes Berlin Program and she has participated in Flagg at the artist run space Entrée. In June she has a residency in Namsos, and in October she will do a solo exhibition at Nord-Trøndelag County Gallery.
For more info: www.lisahimjensen.com

Anja Ulset (b. 1981 Nordmøre) has an MA in art from the Art Academy in Bergen and is a member of Bergen Atelier Group. She has previously exhibited at KNIPSU, USF and The Museum of Longing and Failure. Anja has also been editor for the art(ist) fanzine "Distribusjon" together with her sister Mari, and they have made the fanzine "Ikke til hjemlån" with Kjersti Rorgemoen and Agnes Ravatn. Her latest publication Bergen Art Guide was released by Ctrl + Z Publishing in January 2012.


"Unfolds" Gunn Hilde Høyer
The imprint has a unique inseparability from what it stems from, both through equalness and the indexical relationship it has to its object. The imprint shows both the traces of the material and tracks in the material. Thus does the imprint have a potential not only to document an object, but also to tell about the use of the object, and to detect physical tracks from events which is incorporated in it.

During the exhibition at Kurant in Tromso I will show imprints of a straightened paper airplane, a cootie catcher and a paper hat. These imprints provides both a visually informative analysis of the paper as it is in its flat form, at the same time as showing how the sheet has been built in its three-dimensional shape, as a paper object. In one and the same image the imprints show the geometric structures that make up all the steps in the paper objects' creation process.

Gunnhilde Høyer (f.1983, Arendal) has a Master in Art Management in Oslo from 2010 and lives and works in Oslo. The recent years she has been involved in a number of group exhibitions and she has been in Japan where she studied documentary imprints of fish and frottages from swords as part of a long term project that explores the relationship between imprint and object. In May she will exhibit at the International Print Center in New York in the group exhibition "New Prints 2012".