Film Club @ Kurant: A Field in England


Film Club at Kurant

We will again be hosting a film club, as yet unnamed, that will put up films at Kurant with some regularity. We start next wednesday with Ben Wheatley's latest film, A Field in England. Maybe we will be so lucky as to have a program for the summer presented as well.

A Field in England has been described as a psychedelic trip into the darkest recesses of the English collective unconscious. It is equally a historical drama, psychological thriller and metaphysical meditation. The film can be seen either as a purely occult narrative, or as an abstract metaphor for the passage from feudalism to parliamentarism and capitalism in England. Through a narrative of magical operations, A Field in England throws light upon the roots of the British Empire and later Anglo-american global hegemony, going back to a time when magic, science and religion were only starting to separate from each other.