Friday 18 February

Demo Demonstration is an intense visual and physical club performance. Future Primitives characters are acting out in a condensed audio-visual cartoon landscape. Alternative evolutionary theories, sexuality and proposals for new languages are on the agenda.
The performance was first shown at Silver Platter, Los Angeles' oldest queer bar, and has since toured in Europe and Scandinavia.

FINE ART UNION, established in 2006, is a performaceduo consisting of Annette Stav Johanssen and Synnøve G Wetten.
FINE ART UNION expands from queer theory and explores identity politics, alternative evolution theories, language and sexuality.
FINE ART UNON are working with performance and action in public space, white cubes, black boxes, publications and on club scenes. They use video, action, installation and concerts as media.
Fine Art Union attended Common Sense, St.Michael / IT and has been shown at the Black Box Theatre, Hannover Kunstverein, Wight Biennial / US, Vestfossen Art Laboratory, Gallery Rekord and Signal- Center for contemporary art.
Annette Stav Johanssen and Synnøve G Wetten are both educated with masters degree from Malmö Art Academy 2009.

Fine Art Union