18.10.2010 to 20.10.2010

FM / AM is a touring site-specific project where artist Tor Navjord works with sound, site and publishing.
The format presented is a combination of concert and live performance, where the frequencies inbetween available radio stations are used to produce experimental music through several radios, with hints to avantgarde, noise, drone, free-improvisation and black ambient music.

Since its debut at the North Norwegian Artists' Centre (Svolvaer) in March, the project has resulted in two cassette releases (the third and fourth is under production), a series of performances in various art institutions in Norway, a partnership with the Belgian noise duo Tithonus, and bookings for future shows in Europe. Rumors indicate that certain US companies also have expressed interest.

Tor Navjord will do two different sets of FM / AM, the first at Kurant on Monday 18 and the second on October 20 on a preliminary secret location. Local guest musicians are involved, so we strongly recommend that you visit both concerts!
We publish Wednesday's venue on our website and on facebook on the same day as the event, so stay tuned!

FM / AM is organized at Kurant in collaboration with Insomnia.