Grey Gorges Cast No Shadows

12.09.2014 to 03.10.2014

by Jan Steinum og Clare Thornton

12. September - 3. October
Opening 12. September at 20:00, concert by Mørk
Open Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 - 17:00
Kulturnatta Tromsø 3. October 20:00-24:00
Concert by Blót 22:00


The second exhibition in a series of responses to Kurants poem:

Grey Gorges Cast No Shadows

Like the moon, so life surely has a side that is constantly turned away from us.
Unsolvable riddles soar within the world's night.

Subtler than light.
Oh how it penetrates!
Caught within the translucent diamonds.

Forgotten then forgotten.
Our dwelling place.

Let us not gravitate towards immortality.
Let us stay in the voids, on the brink of chaos.

Grey gorges cast no shadows.



With glimmering muscovite, glass wool and stone forms. Jan and Clare have been dwelling on and continuing the poem in Kurants space. They read the poem as a visual space, gothic and overwhelming, as it simultaneously pulls ideas down from the highest point to just within our grasp. The poetic application of everyday materials emphasizes the interplay of light, darkness and shadow, and the spatial conditions that light and darkness create or subdue.

Steinum & Thornton (Nesodden, NO & Cornwall, EN), occasional collaborators since 2003, both work with sculpture, performance, writing and also video, photography and print. Their practice is informed by literature and poetry. During a 3 week residency at Kurant Visningsrom and Kysten. They have worked on responding to the locality, gathering materials and fabricating the works in the space itself.



#1. 23. nov. 2013: Preludium: GGCNS, Terje Nicolaisen

#2. 12. sept.-3. Oct.: Clare Thornton & Jan Steinum, concert by Mørk and Blót

#3. 17. Oct.: Bente Ånestad, Siri Borge & Chandra Sen. Musical performance by Renée van Trier.