Kurant want to wish everybody a very very happy new year!  We are quite excited to be turning a fresh page and starting a new programme in 2019.

To name but a few very exciting things in 2019:

  • A continuation and strengthening of our fruitful and long-running collaboration with Tromsø International Film Festival, as we take place in Stortorget, behing TIFF's Winter cinema, with a programme curated by Scottish artist, Becca Clark.
  • A continuation of our collaboration with curator Sarah Schipschack and our Kurant Kino programme, after a very exciting 2018 programme which included collaborations with video archives LUX (UK), sixpackfilm (Austria), invited artists Stephen Sutcliffe and Selma Doborac, and a deepdive research trip through the expansive Arsenal (Germany) archvie.
  • A very special Kurant Kino taking place in Bodø, in collaboration with brand spanking new artist-led space, NOUA http://www.noua.no/
  • An ongoing and exciting dialogue with Tromsø Kommune about arts in Tromsø and (especially), the potential for new premises!
  • AND! The launch of the spectacular epic that is the research publication undertaken by Henrike Sørlid and Camilla Fagerli into the history and founding of TACA.


We look forward to seeing you all!