Holding on to gravity

26.02.2010 to 02.03.2010

Marte Edvarda Tidslevold, Kim Johansson and Julie Holdhus are all three studying at the Bachelor's program at the Art Academy in Trondheim. This exhibition displays works about the close, intimate conditions of movement and touch.

Marte Edvarda (1985) considers fabrics as something that is familiar and close to everyone, you dress with them every day and they are in direct contact with your skin. Through touching and feeling, not only viewing from a distance, you get a completely different experience and understanding of what you are seeing.

Kim (1986) makes simple animated scenes, video projections and spacious drawing installations that finds relationships between different objects' fragile, tender and sensitive sides.

Julie (1985) is concerned with the body and what happens to the inner and outer. And this comes out in the form of video, sculptural objects with text and installations. The films are often about liquids that come out of your body, the touch of your body physically and mentally. She views the sculptural objects with text as poetic bodies.

Opening Friday 26 February 19.00 -23.00

In Brauner Kubus, Jørn Tore Egseth is the next one out. He guested Kurant last spring with a 36 hours long organ work "2186".