Kamagurka (be) & Dennis Tyfus (be)

03.04.2009 to 19.04.2009

Exhibition opening 03.04.2009  20.00

We have guests from Belgium!

Kamagurka (Luc Zeebroek) exhibits paintings and Dennis Tyfus brings a bunch of silk screen prints.

Orphan Fairytale plays nice pling plong electronica, followed by our local dj heroine Classic Syndrome.

Opening hours:
mon-wed: closed
thu-sun: 12-16

Dennis Typhus (b. 1979) is based in Antwerp. He works within a DIY (Do It Yourself) tradition. He has a large production of drawings, prints and fanzines, he designs album covers, posters, and has collaborated with Thurston Moore (frontman of Sonic Youth) several times. In addition, he makes radio programs and runs a record label. Dennis will exhibit silk screen prints and video in Kurant.

Behind the name Kamagurka is Luc Zeebroek who was born in Belgium in 1956. In his home country he is best known from his radio shows "Studio Kafka" and "Kamagurkistan" as well as numerous television productions. In addition, he has been successful as a comics artist. He regularly publishes series in the Tromsø-based journal MARG. In Kurant Kamagurka will exhibit a number of paintings from the project Kamalmanak where he for one year produces a new painting every day.

Starring: Dennis Typhus, Luc Zeebroek, Eva Van Deuren, Sigrid Bendz and Rudi Caeyers.