Konsert: Grouper


cc: 50,-

Grouper is the solo project of artist and musician Liz Harris from Portland, USA.

It is stupefying and delicate, dreamy and transparent. It is folk/psychedelia that puts the heart in place.
Sometimes it sounds like something that was released on 4AD (Belly, Cocteau Twins), but so wrong can one be.
Beautiful drones of field recordings, loops, guitar ETC. Grouper has released two albums on Type Records.
Check out http://www.myspace.com/grouperrepuorg

Grouper plays two concerts at Emanuel Vigelands Mausoleum in Oslo before she goes to Tromsø.
The tickets for both gigs sold out a long time ago, and rumours says that people are travelling north to see her at Kurant!

The concert is a collaboration with Dans for voksne.

Poster: Sille Storihle