Krankentransport #1

13.04.2012 to 15.04.2012

Opening: Friday, April 13 at. 20.oo

When the ambulance stops for the green light ...

Imagine a perfect world. For example this one. Now imagine that we are bright enough in our brains to see the law of cause and effect all the way out to its last consequence. The perfection of this state would become clear and obvious for us, and of course absolutely intolerable. But along the way we would also see how one plus one always equals three when it comes to artistic collaborations - something which is not necessarily that obvious every time it happens. Underlying factors may seem to be placing such conglomerates a bit sporadic all over the map, depending on the stakeholders' agenda and ambitions, but when we speak of Krankentransport there may appear to be a more pronounced awareness around this. Of course, in recent years there has almost aroused a tradition for this kind of projects - Donkey & Punch, Midskills and Slutburger are related examples that also springs from two female art students deciding to transcend their own roles and work together. There lies a signal here; why exactly the women? And why does it seem to spring out of the educational situation as much as out of individuals? Well, I don't know, but it might seem like the common identity opens up opportunities that would not be within range without the other part. In this case, it evolves around a first meeting between Hedvig S Thorkildsens' sensation of speed vs. Veronica Rebecca Johansen's depth - and I mean this literally - which here results in a flickering shadow play of the human psyches margin; a specific place between states of consciousness, just before you wake up. This hybrid also allows for reflection on whether the electronic impulses possibly is in tune with our own ones, and further on whether the principle of generating electricity can be translated into a situation where one artist stands for AC and the other for DC. When you are exposed to it, you know instinctively that this erratic venue also is yours, no matter how much you try to refuse. The principles for doing the job are perhaps changing - you may not notice the contrasting effects until long afterwards - but we increasingly relate to the same hidden hideaway between the states, where even desire can be seen as a tool for moving forward. But not until we have absorbed the sounds, lights and scents of a nightmare we think of as our own. It is no coincidence that this may resemble a place of transit, where the pace of passing trains (or is it planes?) is sensed as something intangible and vaguely threatening. Didn't we know it all along? That this is neither accidental or permanent?

Veronica Rebecca Johansen (f.1979) and Hedvig Thorkildsen (f.1982) are both Masters students at the Art Academy in Bergen. Krankentransport # 1 is their first collaboration project.

Charlotte Bendiks fills the house with beats out in the late night hours!

The exhibition is open Sat-Sun kl.12.oo- 17.oo