Kurant presents! at UKS


As part of the Tromsø Art Academy bachelor project at UKS, an eight-day program of concerts, film screenings, presentations Kurant presents itself with an exhibition of printed matter etc. from Kurants history and the following program:

17.00 Artist present in the kitchen, TBA. Food is served 20.00 (free!)

19.00 Juhani Silvola

Juhani Silvola blends frozen blocks of sound with drones and noises from the sauna darkness. His tools consists of wood, metal and electricity.

20.00 Morten Wintervold and Sigbjørn Skåden

Morten Wintervold (b. 1981) had his debut in 2002 with the poetry collection Utfall. Later he released a family trilogy which was concluded with the poetry book Oldemor, du er med barn (Cappelen Damm, 2009). Wintervold lives in Tromsø and is part of the editorial board of the litterature journal Kuiper and the artist selection comittee for the literature festival Ordkalotten.

Sigbjørn Skåden (b. 1976) comes from Skånland in southern Troms and lives in Tromsø. He debuted in 2004 with the poetry book Skuovvadeddjiid gonagas (shoemakers king). Skåden was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2007 for this book. His second book of poems Prekariáhta lávlla (Prekariatsang) was released in 2009 and he has also produced texts for several performing arts projects. Sigbjørn Skåden is deputy head of the Sami Writers Association and a board member of Tromsø International Literature Festival, Ordkalotten.

21.00 Siv Sperati

Midimalistic chamber pop inspired by the history of science, the great indoors and Béla Bartok.

22.00 Dj Heart Kåre and Loveline

Kurant presents is part of Tromsø Art Academy's presentation at UKS, complete program can be found here: