18.03.2011 to 29.05.2011

launch party:
Friday March 18

film screening:
Sunday March 20

After a very successful collaboration with Kjetil Karolius about the event Silence & Noise during TIFF, we have decided to invite Kjetil to create a screening series at Kurant.
We look forward to a spring with a lot of good films! And hopefully a continuation in the autumn.

Kjetil about his program:

"Kvernhuset is a screening series at Kurant that celebrates the American Grindhouse wave that had its heyday in the 70s and 80s, with genres like horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash and B movies. We show two films selected every other Sunday. 6:00 p.m.. "

March 18th, we invite you to a program release party and poster exhibition.
Kjetil Karolius has invited six designers and artists to create posters especially for Kvernhuset.
The posters are all inspired by one of the screening evenings and will be for sale in a limited edition.
Come see unique movie posters and get a taste of the program this Friday from nine o'clock.

The first screening will be held Sunday 20 March at 18.00.

The posters are made by:

Disha Lundberg
John Sigvart Jamtli
Kine Berntsen
Luis Guaragna
Marie Walden
Nicolay Tufte Østvold

A bunch of the films are cut together in this clip:

For those who have Kurants' former film screening series Kuk & Parfyme fresh in mind, we can disclose that the comfort level in the new concept will be slightly higher, at least with regard to temperature and snacks selection. The price is however the same: 0, -