Midnite Service


Midskills + Slutburger

the new castrates has once again arisen from the ashes. the city of tromsø will pay the price.
our dark lust for more has become too big to ignore.
true salvation and real ectoplasm at kurant for one night only.
YES, there will be sacrifices. YES, there will be milky substances.
YES, there will be words of wisdom in stories never told again.
watch the legendary castrates make love on a stage, while you jerkoff in the dark.
we will be the predator, you will be the prey. bring your demons to this
at 00:00 o clock

when we knock on the door to your fantasies, you will let us in

Doors open at 23:00. Mass starts at midnite.
In collaboration with the exhibition Sort Romantikk (Black Romance) which opens at North Norwegian Art Museum on the same day.

Starring: Midskills (Marie Askeland Gundersen and Camilla Fagerli) and Slutburger (Stine Sterk and Mercedes Mühleisen).