Monochromes and other chromes

15.06.2012 to 24.06.2012

Bobrikova / De Carmen & Lekve Eide / Halvorsen

Open Thursdays-Sundays from 12.00 to 17.00

Opening June 15 21.00

NOTE; THERE ARE SEVERAL BLACK HOLES IN THE SIDEWALK. People fall down into it, but it seems like noone is affected, or that it has become a habit. The fear, of enormous strength, that builds up from somewhere in the genital area, does not come from fear of falling in yourself, but what will happen on the day when the holes are completely full of people. - Johan Harstad -

Kurant welcomes you to the exhibition Monochromes and other chromes. The exhibition shows two young artist duos both working with food as a theme in their art. Food is something everyone can relate to. We have to eat every day, several times a day, to survive. The food industry is the largest industry in the world and perhaps one of the dirtiest.

In addition to a dirty industry we as consumers are not particularly "clean" either. An awful lot of food is thrown in the garbage in Norway (and the rest of "the West" in general). We want the cheapest food possible, while we also want a viable agricultural sector. We want safe food but we do not want to pay. Artist duo Lekve Eide / Halvorsen and Bobrikova / De Carmen both work with food themes in their art. Kurant has put them together and hope the exhibition will shed light on one of today's most important issues. Our relationship to food production and consumption.