The Neverending Musical

29.04.2011 to 08.05.2011

Kurant is pleased to present the exhibition The Neverending Musical.
The exhibition is curated by Gustav Samrelius (exchange student at the Art Academy in Tromsø 2008) and Anna Åstrand. Both based in Stockholm.
11 young artists from Sweden, Germany, USA and Canada contributes in this exhibition / musical.


The Neverending musical is a performance piece where every piece deposited by individual or collaborative artist groups pose as a different character, the gallery then situates itself as a scene. It takes the form of a musical in order two harbor oneiric plot shifts, Cumulative live soundtracks and dynamic sets Composed of tarot card readings, paintings, light spectacles, dance performances, and various props That are used in clever segue. The title alludes two Michael Ende's Neverending Story (1979) where the audience, the reader, the voyeur, gradually Become more Involved in the plot. As the scene is void of an off stage, it is clear That objects and performative residue take on stance of sculpture, painting ect. and exist in the gallery, after the fact as works on Their Own right

Participating artists are:

Anna Åstrand,
Gustav Samrelius
Karin Zettergren
Lena Bergendahl
Tamara Hendersson
Vera Sjunneson
Windyfur Rundgren
Henrik Ekesiöö
Nico Woche
Dan Riley
Jeanine He

The exhibition opens on Friday, 04/29 at 17.00

Live program from 17.00 to 22.00