The Paris Syndrome

07.09.2012 to 16.09.2012

Markus Lantto & Per Kristian Nygård

Opening Friday 7 September at 19
Open Friday - Sunday 12-17

Presentation of Artscene Trondheim
Saturday 8 September at 14


When tourists, Japanese tourists, come to Paris, they risk incurring the Paris Syndrome. It is a state where they get terribly disappointed of what they are faced with. This was not the way it was supposed to be. Parisians are not romantic and beautiful at all. Nothing matches the expectations. The image of Paris and the real Paris are two cities that breaks completely together in incomprehensibilities and sadness.

I may have been in Tromsø once. When I was fifteen and bought my first vinyl record: All Aboard - Muddy Waters. But it is possible that I was somewhere else nearby, I did not really have an overview. My friends wanted me to buy cigarettes for them, because I looked so much older, but I refused.

If a town is called the Paris of the North, does it mean that those who live there are much harder to deal with than you imagined? And that everything is much uglier.

Or can you get disappointed on a different and deeper level? And at the same time: The only way to never be disappointed is to never ever dream about how amazing something could be.

Per Kristian Nygård
Saturday 8 September at 14

Artscene Trondheim is a web portal that publishes photos, critiques and article series on contemporary art in Trondheim. It was started in order to highlight what is happening in Trondheim, and create a forum for debate and criticism. This has also lacked in Tromso and after the presentation, we will discuss the possibility of a similar project here. Per Kristian Nygård took part in establishing Artscene Trondheim in 2009 and is now their editor.

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