Performance night + DJ Roko and Tomi Pieski


Kurant and Vårscenefest presents:

Performance Night + DJ Roko and Tomi Pieski

Artists from Tromsø shows performance that may surprise, provoke or involve.
Lisa Helstrøm Jørgensen, Emilija Skarnulyte, Petr Svarovsky, Sven Terje Bang and Matti Aikio with HAARP Sci-Fi opera and Laurent Fauconnier with performance.
After the performances DJ Roko from Berlin and Tomi Pieski from Finland will play vinyl records

Free entrance.


Laurent Fauconnier

An interactive performance, wooden questions the pertinence of communication. Eachindividual lives in a closed universe where one only seen in the Other a REFLECTED image of oneself, or simply, of That part of oneself That is lacking to be a whole.
In That case, a projection is at stake.
The fear of his own shadow is what constrains the communication. The performance is Played through a décalage between the deceiving appearance and the reality of physical contact, between the speech and the primal scream.
The issue of each contact is the risk of discarding an illusory balance.


HAARP Sci-Fi opera
Lisa Helstrøm Jorgensen, Emilija Skarnulyte and other researchers: Petr Svarovsky, Sven Terje Bang, Matti Aikio.

"The Zone wants to be respected. Otherwise it will punish. "Stalker.
There are so few of us!
Open your eyes. The future has arrived alreadytakenusername.
HAARP is the friction between one's soul and the outside world. We do not wanna conquer space at all. We do not want other worlds; we want a mirror. Objects change places; the landscape shifts and rearranges itself.
This is not a democracy. We are a collection of scientists and astronauts.


VÅRSCENEFEST 28th April-6th May 2012
For the second time we invite you to the performing arts festival Vårscenefest in Tromsø. The unique and vibrant meeting between stage and audience is the performing arts' hallmark. Many of the artists that are invited this year are keen about intensifying this contact by playing in unfamiliar rooms, and open up for interaction, discussion and an inspiring community. Vårscenefest 2012 gives the public a unique opportunity to experience last year's Hedda Award winner for best performance: The Eternal Smile by Verk Productions. Fresh, Finnish and controversial is a piece about of humanism with naked dancers, great talent and jazz soloist Mari Kvien Brunvoll in recital. Documentary theatre about childhood in a treatment institution by award winning Fabula Rasa, Tromsø hidden theater treasure Alfheim theater, party with The Strange Mara and The Three Thoughts, May 1st Brunch for artists and audience and much, much more.

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