Re-aligned art

14.09.2013 to 22.09.2013

Zip Group
Music and poetry by Arkady Kots

The RE-ALIGNED ART exhibition opening in September at Tromsø Kunstforening, focuses on the artistic strategies of contemporary engaged and activist artists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The current re-alignment of art and politics – anathema to a previous postmodern mainstream – today tactically combines art and subversion, art and micropolitics, art and education, art and provocation and art and propaganda.

In Tromsø, RE-ALIGNED ART will spread out over several sites, routes and ports: from the neoclassical Art Hall to local galleries and theatres, to the walls and squares of the city, into the fields.


13.09.2013 - 16.09.2013

We are proud to present our programme with events, exhibition openings and symposium for the opening days, 13.-16. September 2013.

Tromsø, 13.-16. September 2013

Friday 13. September

20:00 Exhibition opening, RE-ALIGNED ART at Tromsø Kunstforening, Muségata 2
Opening talks by curators Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen
and director of Tromsø Kunstforening Svein Pedersen.

Participating artists
Babi Badalov, Ivan Brazhkin, Chto Delat?, Mikhail Dolyanovsky, Sofia Gavrilova, Gogol’s Wives, Alexey Iorsh, Matvei Krylov, Leonid «Arch Genius», Denis Limonov, Victoria Lomasko, Artyom Loskutov, Media Impact, Roman Minin, Monobrow, Marina Naprushkina, Nikolay Oleynikov, Pyotr Pavlensky, Pedagogical Poem (Arseny Zhilyaev and Ilya Budraitskis), Pussy Riot, Timofey Radya, SOSka Group, Translit Journal, Voina Group, Matvei Krylov, Kissmybabushka, Roman Minin, Mykola Ridnyi, Svetlana Baskova, ZIP Group, Kirill Medvedev, Monobrow

22:00 Opening party at Tromsø Kunstforening/Café des Beaux-Arts
DJ Matti Aikio

Saturday 14. September

12:00 - 13:00

13:00-16:00 Symposium RE-ALIGNED ART at Tromsø Kunstforening
Artists and participants include Pyotr Verzilov (Voina, Pussy Riot associate), the ZIP Group and Katya Samutsevich (Pussy Riot) by video link
Introduced and chaired by Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen

16:00-17:00 Exhibition opening at Small Projects, Grønnegata 23
Roman Minin, Mykola Ridnyi

17:30 Film-screening at Verdensteatret Kino, Storgata 93B
For Marx, a film by Svetlana Baskova. The film adresses issues in trade union activities in today's Russia. Introduction by the director.

22:00 Exhibition opening at Kurant, Søndre Tollbodgate 17
ZIP Group
Poetry Reading by Kirill Medvedev (transl. read by Ivor Stodolsky) & Revolutionary Songs by Medvedev & Nikolay Oleynikov of Arkady Kots. Party!

Sunday 15. September

13:00-17:00 Symposium Can We Get Past the ‘Post-’? From Non-Aligned to Re-Aligned Art at Tromsø Kunstforening, Muségata 2

The symposium addresses the shift away from the “identity politics” of the late twentieth century and their (post-) ideological ambiguity and toward a renewed alignment between art and politics in contemporary Russia.

Speakers include: Mischa Gabowitsch, Ivor Stodolsky, Elena Trubina, Grey Violet, Dmitry Vilensky, Andrej Rogatschevski

17:00 Walk and Talk to Works in Public Spaces – leaving from Tromsø Kunstforening, Muségata 2

Monday 16. September

10:00-15:00 Symposium Re-Aligned: Politics, Art, and Protest at Centre for Peace Studies, University of Tromsø

Speakers include: Mischa Gabowitsch, Hilary Pilkington, Dmitry Vilensky

The exhibition runs from 14. September to 10. November 2013

The exhibition and the Re-Aligned project is made possible with support from:

BarentsKult – BarentsCult
Kulturrådet - Arts Council Norway
Nordisk kulturfond - Nordic Culture fund
Kunstakademiet i Tromsø -Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art
Kurant visningsrom, Tromsø

EUBORDERSCAPES (European Commission)

Border Aesthetics project (NFR KULVER)

Small Projects gallery, Tromsø
Verdensteateret Kino, Tromsø
Institutt for kultur og litteratur, UiT
Center for Fredsstudier, UiT

Bioforsk, Holt Gård, Tromsø
Norske kunstforeninger
Kgl. Norsk ambassade i Moskva
FINNO - Norsk-Finsk Kulturinstitutt