Requiem for a pig

16.02.2013 to 17.02.2013

by Kristin Auestad Danielsen


A black fable for adults. A tribute to the language and imagination: To everything that makes us different than swines.

The national premiere of Requiem for a pig is this springs major focus of Ferske Scener and is set up in three different versions - a radio play, a stage play and a documentary. The script is the same, the stagings are very different.
Part 2 - The stage play - is put up at Kurant Visningsrom 16th and 17th February at. 19.00

The play is the story told in images and associations.

"It is about people's intense desire to find themselves, find their identity, to live in security and harmony, to escape from existentialism, to escape from the existential loneliness, or to be in a place where the existential loneliness is ok and not a problem. Where the loneliness becomes a warm stall with dry and warm straw. "
Kristin A. Danielsen


Ruth is running the animal hotel The Stall - a retreat / spa resort where people who are tired of their lives can book a stay and become their favorite animal. In The Stall reins a Dionysian atmosphere that celebrates the community, the party and the intuitive and bodily. The Stall gives its guests the opportunity to be born again, and save themselves.

Three people comes to The Stall; Kjetil, Randi and Geir, who wants to turn into a pig, dog and giraffe, respectively. Kjetil has left his little nephew alone in the world, and the others have also left relationships that were too difficult for them.

The stay ends with captivity, amputations and disaster.


An exploration of what staging of text can be

Kristin Auestad Danielsens text is the foundation. But all the elements that are used to perform the text are improvised and varies. The instructor and actors are presenting not only an interpretation of the text. Meaning and depth are modified and changes in the meeting between the actors' creativity and the audiences' ability to participate in making up the story. Requiem for a pig embraces the encounter between creative people - both on stage and in the audience.


Actors: Kristine Myhre Tunheim, Nanna Elisabeth Berntsen, Bernt Bjørn and Jonas Delerud
Text: Kristin Auestad Danielsen
Intructor: Kristin Bjørn
Sound design: Gaute Barlindhaug
Visual design: Ingvill Fossheim
Lighting design: Isak E. Bjørn
Audience host: Kristina Junttila
Film and Photo: Stein Bjørn
Production Assistant: Hanna Solberg Christoffersen



Ferske Scener is putting up Requiem for a pig in three versions:

The documentary film
Animals and humans on display.
Small Projects: 30th April at. 18.00 to 21.00,
1. May. From 12.00 to 18.00 and on 2 May kl.16.00-20.00 | Free

The radio play
A musical and spontaneous performance of the text.
Small Projects | 2. May. 20.00 | 100, -

The stage play
Figures and stories, barn odor and villainy.
Kurant | 2. May. 22.00 | 150 -

Funeral feast
Barn Disco for anyone who wants to party.
Kurant | 2. May. 23.00 | Free
The total price for radio play and stage play: 200, -