Sketch for a re-enchantment of the world (Tromsø)

02.03.2012 to 11.03.2012

From: 02/03 - 2012

To: 11/03 - 2012

Opening on March 2 at 19:00
Open Wednesday to Sunday 12.00 to 17.00

Sketch for a re-enchantment of the world (Tromsø) is an installation where the space has been furnished as a lecture / teaching environment. The people are missing, only the framework for activity remains. Partially outdated equipment and technical devices for transmission of image and other meaningful content, such as a slide projector, overhead projector and sound system, stands empty and idle. The sounds and lights from the machines are forming an ever-changing audiovisual composition based on the principle of chance and simple automation.

The exhibition is Øystein Wyller Odden's second solo exhibition and a direct continuation of his first, which took place on the Photo Gallery in Oslo in January 2011.

Øystein Wyller Odden (b. 1983 Notodden) was educated at the Art Academy in Oslo (2009) and lives and works in Oslo. Odden works primarily with objects and installations, often with an emphasis on sound and music. In addition to the solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet, he has participated in Høstutstillingen and group exhibitions at Galleri Rekord, Henie Onstad Art Centre, Ciant Gallery in Prague and most recently at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm as one of three artists invited by Kurant.

The exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond