18.08.2014 to 23.08.2014

Guided tour at the Shipyard

Saturday August 23 14:30

Workshop 18. - 23. august

Our neighbour, the shipyard - the last remaining industry in the city, is moving. They have been about to move for many years, but nothing has happened yet. The ideas and plans for the area have been many, and the current plan is developing the area with apartment buildings and shops. But the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway (Riksantikvaren) have objections to the plans, because it blocks the view to the sea from Skansen, the oldest building in Tromsø. Therefore it is still uncertain what you will find on this lot in a few years - and if Kurant is still the neighbour.

We have invited a group of artists to work with this theme for a week. The result of this will be open to the public Saturday August 23rd from 14-17.

During the week there will also be a few talks at Kurant open for those who are interested. The talks will be held in English.

Monday 18.08 kl. 13
What can old maps and drawings tell you about the shipyards history and importance in Tromsø?

Steenstrup is an advisor in Cultural heritage and urban development in Tromsø Municipality. He is educated as an architect and has also worked as a construction worker and a journalist.

Tuesday 19.08 kl. 10

Røstad is a freelance writer with an interest for urban planning, who occasionally blogs about the subject. He will talk a bit about the process around the shipyard, especially in regards of protests and what should be preserved.

Wednesday 20.08 kl. 10

Rasmussen will talk about how art, on arts own premise, can contribute to the development of urban spaces. She will talk about a former student-project about the area around the shipyard and Skansen. She will also talk about the city of Carlsberg in Copenhagen, and see if some of the ideas from the development of that city can be transferred to the shipyard-lot.

Rasmussen is educated as a visual artist from Firenze, Kabelvåg and Trondheim. She has been teaching landscape architecture and worked with urban development.

Saturday 23.08.14

14:00 - 17:00 Skipsverftstomta
A group of artists will show their impressions, sketches and ideas from last week’s workshop about our neighbour, the shipyard.

00:00 – 03:00 Polaria Music Fest afterparty with DJ Taigatrost and underwater projections by Emilija Skarnulyte.