Sound postcards

20.10.2010 to 24.10.2010

Sound postcards became popular during the 60s and 70s during the communism in Poland, when LP records were difficult to obtain. The motives on the postcards were of great variety, but the special about the design are the grooves in the surface of the cards, which like ordinary vinyl records provide audio playback. So-called Sound Postcards were produced by smaller companies and the recording quality was generally not very high, but the cards represented the only possibility of access to hit songs from the West. In the late 70s, the market was taken over by Cartridge and music got new distribution opportunities.

The curators of this exhibition has through painstaking exploration collected fragments from this period, and the result is displayed in the exhibition Sound Postcards.
The exhibition is curated by Mat Schulz (Unsound Festival) and Rui Silva, and is a collaboration with the Insomnia Festival.

Opening hours: Thurs - Sun 12-16