Theatre for a new era

30.09.2011 to 09.10.2011


Trine Falch

Opening Friday September 30 kl.19
Open Wednesday - Sunday 12-17

"Theatre for a new era" shows fragments from the archives of Hålogaland Theatre's first decade, an institution that was formed by a group of radical young idealists who wanted to create theater 'in the people's favor.' With the revolutionary Leftists strategies as a backdrop the collective committed themselves actively in the northern region. As a cultural institution they refused to accept a traditional position outside society, and intervened directly in specific cases in the community. The performances were based on local conflicts where the theater chose side and became a distinct voice in the public debate. In this way they were experimenting with a form of polarized theater that should create discussion and change. Many of the questions that were raised in this period, remain uncomfortable and unanswered to this day.

In February this year performance artist Trine Falch gathered members of this first generation from Hålogaland Theater and created a new production titled Allmannateater. In a series of three evenings they held allmannamøte at Dramatikkens hus in Oslo. On October 2 the Almannateateret will meet the audience in Tromso again at Rådstua Theatre house.

The exhibition at Kurant consists of chosen documentation; archive material from Hålogaland theater and the television version of the show Det e her æ høre tel (This is where I belong, 1974).

Trine Falch is a performance artist with background in theater studies (UiT), Verdensteatret and the performance collective Baktruppen.

In the recent years she has made a number of works in which she stages herself, language and situations based on an attitude about lifes' inherent theatricality.
Based in the idea-based performing arts her work has encompassed performance, dance, visual arts, music, film, architecture and text. Trine likes performing arts that takes transitoriness seriously and meets the audience face to face.

During the production of 'Theatre History - dead and/or alive' that she did at Hålogaland Theatre in 2008, she got the idea of reconstructing a typical HT-Allmanna meeting from the 70s. From there a long process of collecting the old theater pioneers and to gain insight into the theater's archives began. The work resulted in the staged meeting Allmannateater (supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and Dramatikkens Hus) and the exhibition Theatre For A New Time (Art Hall Oslo).
Trine has lived in Tromso for 3 years, and has for many years been associated with the region. She now lives in Oslo.

The exhibition has previously been shown at the Art Hall Oslo

Rådstua Teaterhus, October 2nd, kl.16 - greetings to the jubilant, at. 18 - show

For the first time since the 70s the main people from the first generation of Hålogaland Theatre are gathered in Tromso. ALLMANNATEATER is documentary theater and follows traditional meeting structure. Trine Falch is chairman and guides the participants through past successes and failures. The public can also subscribe to the speaking list. Well met!