TIFF 2014: Shipyards and other forgotten stories

15.01.2014 to 18.01.2014

For this years Tromsø International Film Festival, Kurant, located by the shipyard in Tromsø, welcomes you to a mini-festival of artist films within the festival.
Shipyards and other forgotten stories is a collaboration between the Norwegian film magazine Wuxia (Maria Moseng) and Reihe Experimentalfilm, a German screening series of artist film (Sarah Schipschack & Leif Magne Tangen).
Their program brings together films by filmmakers such as Lois Patiño, Andrzej Wajda, Declan Clarke, Allan Sekula & Noël Burch. Four films dealing with the sea, ships, shipyards, myths, strikes, the modern and the forgotten.
To end it all the Tromsø based experimental record label ANIMAL S will throw you an unforgettable After Film Party..

Note: Tickets for these screenings cannot be reserved, only bought at Kurant. CC: NOK 30,-

Wednesday 15. Jan 20:00
Director: Lois Patiño
Playtime: 1 h 21 min
Year: 2013
Country: Spain
Costa da Morte is a region in the Northwest of Galicia (Spain) that was considered the end of the world during the Roman period. It has taken its dramatic name from the numerous shipwrecks that happened in this area of rocks, mist and storms.

We cross this land observing the people who inhabit it, fishermen, gatherers of shellfish and loggers. We witness traditional craftsmen who maintain both an intimate relationship and an antagonistic battle with the vastness of this territory. The wind, the stones, the sea and the fire are characters in this film, and through them we approach the mystery of the landscape, understanding it as a unified ensemble with man, his history and legends.

Thurday 16. Jan 16:00
Director: Andrzej Wajda
Playtime: 2 h 27 min
Year: 1981
The film continues the story of Maciej Tomczyk, the son of Mateusz Birkut, the protagonist of Wajda's earlier film MAN OF MARBLE (1976). Maciej, a young worker, is involved in the anti-communist labor movement and described as «the man who started the Gdańsk shipyard strike». A radio journalist working for the communist regime is given the task of slandering Maciej. Maciej has a strong resemblance to Lech Wałęsa (who appears as himself in the film).

Made during the brief thaw in communist censorship that appeared between the formation of Solidarity in August 1980 and its suppression in December 1981, the film is remarkably critical of the regime. It won the Palme d'Or and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Thursday 16. Jan 20:00
Q&A with filmmaker after the screening.
Director: Declan Clarke
Playtime: 45 min
Year: 2013
Country: Germany and Ireland
The film connects four different locations in Europe and invites a quiet contemplation of these places in their current state. It uses the tropes of the early 20th century documentary film and the mid-century espionage film to contextualise them. In order of appearance, the sites are the former Wallsend and Walker shipyards in Newcastle upon Tyne; Eisenhüttenstadt on the Eastern border of Germany; Nowa Huta on the outskirts of Kraków in Poland; and the Groupe Scolaire L’Octobre, a primary school in the Alfortville district of Paris.

Friday 17 Jan. 20:00
Director: Allan Sekula, Noël Burch
Playtime: 1 h 52 min
Year: 2010
Country: Austria and Netherlands
THE FORGOTTEN SPACE follows container cargo aboard ships, barges, trains and trucks. It listens to workers, engineers, planners, politicians, and those marginalized by the global transport system. We visit displaced farmers and villagers in Holland and Belgium, underpaid truck drivers in Los Angeles, seafarers aboard mega-ships going in shuttle between Asia and Europe, and factory workers in China whose low wages are the fragile key to the whole puzzle. And in Bilbao, we discover the most sophisticated expression of the belief that the maritime economy, and the sea itself, is somehow obsolete.

Mixing descriptive documentary, interviews, archive stills, clips and footage, the film tries to describe the contemporary maritime world in relation to the complex symbolic legacy of the sea.

Friday 17. Jan. 22:00-03:00
ANIMAL S welcomes you to a very special party at Kurant after the screening of THE FORGOTTEN SPACE. There will be live performances by Lunar, A Promise, JPGhad and madVJ. The bar will be open from 20:00 to 03:00 and Djs will keep you dancing.


Sea you there!