TIFF 2016: Kurant Divan & Cinema

20.01.2016 to 22.01.2016

During Tromsø International Film Festival Kurant invites you to take part in an intimate and collective experience, in a cinema where seats have been replaced by one large bed. Three nights of unique screenings, each with films selected especially for the setting.

A collaboration between film curator Sarah Schipschack, artist and architect Håvard Arnhoff and Kurant.

Wednesday January 20th at 19:00
Sky on location
The Sky on Location (+ short film)
Babette Mangolte, USA, 1982, 77min, 16mm
The film captures the mood of the landscape as in a Turner painting. The film attempts to construct a geography of the land from North to South, East to West and season-to-season through colors instead of maps. - B.Mangolte
Babette Mangolte is a french-american filmmaker. She also collaborated as cinematographer with Chantal Akerman, Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown and Sally Porter.

Thursday January 21st at 19:00
Kopfkino (mindfuck) 
Lene Berg, Norway, 2013, 75min
Kopfkino (mindfuck) features a discussion between eight women, who are working in the S&M business, sitting at a long table in a theatrical space. While they exchange stories from their professional lives the camera remains in constant motion, shifting perspective without warning. Kopfkino is an accumulation of stories from a world centered around power and sexuality, an arena where grownups play for real. 

Friday January 22nd at 21:00
Phantom nebula
Phantom Nebula (+ short film)
Takashi Makino, Japan 2014, 52min, 16mm & 35mm to HD
The japanese filmmaker Takashi Makino is working with the (film)material itself in the tradition of abstract experimental films by superimposition and exposing several times. Makinos films are hypnotic and in a direct correspondence with your subconsciousness.