02.11.2012 to 18.11.2012

Nina Bang Larsen and Kristin Velle-George

2nd - 18th November 2012

Exhibition Opening Friday 2 November at. 20

Exhibition open Friday - Sunday 12-17

After going for years with a common thought that their work could match each other in both form and theme, Nina Bang Larsen and Kristin Velle-George finally gets to try it out, on Kurant. Their ways of working meets in that they both are attracted to using materials that are easily available and used a lot in everyday life, trying to visualize something that really does not exist in the visual world and that they both are wandering somewhere in between the abstract and the figurative.

In Kristin Velle-George's project, Time Capsule, she brings forward ideas from the origin of life, the earth's history and natures past. The project has its origins in fossils, imprints and pollen, and it develops toward the ironic and paradoxical in its transformations: the innocent beauty of the oils' nature and the damaging potential realized by man.

Nature and science is central to Velle-George's work, and she is particularly interested in science history and alchemy. The inaccessible, invisible and unknown - phenomenons that is hard to come in direct contact with, that sweeps in mystery and magic, are important inspirations for her as an artist.

Nina Bang Larsen is working with used textiles, furniture and other artefacts from homes in her project Innanfor/Utanfor (within/outside). The materials can be pillows, coat hangers, clothes and shoes, glasses, rocking chairs and stools, coat stands, tea pot heaters, picture frames, virtually everything one can find in a regular home, and most of her sculptures are inflatable.

The sculptures of Bang Larsen are visualizations of what is goeing on inside the heads of all of us. She lets the psychological be expressed through the physical material we surround ourselves with. The sculptures represents different thoughts and feelings, and the artist has worked to make it open for the viewer to project ones own thoughts/feelings on to the scultures. Her work balances in between the attractive and the disgusting, and the humor is lurking in the background hand in hand with the melancholy.

After completing her masters degree at the Art Academy in Bergen in spring 2010, Nina Bang Larsen Vore has taken part in several exhibitions, for example Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, Denmark and Vestlandsutstillinga 2011. This year she had her first solo exhibition at Soft Gallery in Oslo. This exhibitions has been shown in Gallery N.B. Eidfjord as part of Hardanger Open this autumn and will also be shown at gallery Puls in Norheimsund in 2013. This year she also exhibited in Prosjektrom Carl Berner in Oslo together with the art group Camilla Bang Frantzen, the Rauland exhibition and the touring exhibition "Skapninger", organized by Kunstbanken Hedmark. In 2013, she exhibits in Gjøvik, Moss- and Sandefjord Kunstforening.

Kristin Velle-George finished her Masters degree at the Art Academy in Bergen two years ago, and after this period she has established herself as an artist, both through exhibitions and the creation of the artist community Atelier Normann and the artist run space Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger. Kristin mainly work with pencil drawing on paper. Through a set of own rules and a main topic, she explores and creates her own pictorial world. A world that is central to her entire oeuvre and has its roots in pencil drawings that are often combined with various materials and techniques. In 2011 she received the Culture scholarship from Stavanger Municipality, and among others did the exhibition Scientia at Rogaland Art Center. This year, she was selected as one of the featured artists for BKFR's 80th anniversary book.