We just do what we have to do

14.12.2013 to 22.12.2013

Geir Backe Altern curates this years' last show at Kurant: "WE JUST DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO"

The exhibition opens Saturday, 14/12/13 at 15
DJ Sister Anne Misty will be playing in the exhibition from 19
Cash is queen as always.

The exhibition is also open 15, 16, 21 and 22 December from 12 to 17

The background of this exhibition is an "old" dream Geir has had ever since he was involved in establishing Kurant in 2009. The dream was to fill the space with materials and some selected people and work together over time towards the opening. To create something that can only be displayed at Kurant, something tailor-made, site-specific, characterized by the location, the city, the weather and the light and everything else one is affected by in Tromsø(!) Geir participates as an artist in the exhibition. He is accompanied by Jostein Fox and Tomas Maria. When the exhibition was planned during spring 2012, they were both students at Prosjektskolen (art pre-school in Oslo). Now Jostein is in his second year at the Art Academy in Bergen and Tomas in his first year at the Art Academy in Oslo. Geir finished his studies at the Art Academy in Tromsø as part of the schools first graduated class in 2010.

From the curator: "I think that some of the most interesting art often takes place in preschools, before the artists are sullied by academia. The free, playful, unpretentious and direct approach often takes place in preschools' deliciously free space. I want to let Kurant be this kind of free space for at least two weeks. To build and live in Tromsø together with two of my favorites from Prosjektskolens Summer Exhibition May 2012. I do not know Tomas and Jostein. I have only seen one collaborative work they created for the exhibition and only spoken with Tomas once on the phone. The tension lies in how the exhibition will become. Currently, noone knows this. Uncertainty is a driving force. The energy is within the work."