You still move me

11.11.2011 to 20.11.2011

Opening Friday 11 November kl.19
Open Wed-Sun 12-17

Performance at the opening of Jennie Hagevik Bringaker kl. 19 and Marthe Ramm Fortun kl.20

“In that it is a description of aspects of the body, in that its motion is intermittent rather than mechanically continuous, in that one feels impelled to set it in motion in order for it to “perform” the role of filling out and inhabiting its own spatiality, the mobile locates its sculptural meaning as a kind of actor”

Rosalind E. Krauss: Passages in Modern Sculpture, s 218

The exhibition is based on a collaboration between four independent artists who exhibits work in photography, sculpture and performance. The works in the exhibition all relate to the physical processes and manipulation of objects and materials through movement and interaction. There is an implicit criticism of the understanding of the performative understood only as a live experience depending on a crowd.

In her work Jennie Hagevik Bringaker explores issues surrounding representation, theatricality and functionality. Movement and objects are put in the context of the architecture of the space in terms of working with a narrative dramaturgy while she performs formal sculptural improvisations with various raw materials. In Kurant she shows a new video work that are based on a previous performance work originally performed as a stage production, but that is recorded in her own apartment. The kitchen, hallway and bedroom are scenic backdrops for a board structure that moves through the rooms as she tries to build herself into it.

Larsmons works consists of detailed and carefully staged works that introduces a family drama of objects. Found material from architecture and decoration are used to draw up new, poetic and personal narratives. The works encourage and seduces by manipulating objects from their original function to pure abstraction. Larsmon shows three sculptures at Kurant, in addition to a work that springs from a collaboration with Jennie Hagevik Bringaker; "That's why I bust back, it do not phase me, When he drop, take his glock, and I'm Swayze". During a performance that takes place on the opening night, a new sculpture will arise in the exhibition space, based on an earlier work by Larsmon.

Kristine Øksendals photo series " The Sun and the Sea '' (2011) points towards parallels between movements in modern dance and the gesture of painting: utopian ideas about movement as an expression of subjectivity and spiritual freedom. By incorporating the viewer into the action the theater can try to avoid the problem with the gaze, but Øksendal wants an opposite strategy in her photographs. By excluding the viewer from any other action than "seeing", her work documents the producing and creative gaze.

Marthe Ramm Fortuns installation Epilogue Now consists of a 15-meter, unassembled painting that exists in conjunction with Fortuns performance at the exhibition opening. She presents a poetic text of personal and art historical references that constructs new connections in the exhibition room. The painting complements various functions as an extension of the body, an autonomous, permanent object and trasitory element that is destroyed during the performance. An interaction between what happens in the image and what lies beyond the pictures surface. This change of roles creates an archive og moving image which is configured in real time. Both in the construction of the paintings and performance Fortun uses an expressive language in which structured improvisation allows for interaction between cognitive and subconscious processes.

The exhibition is produced with support from Fond for Lyd og Bilde

Anne Guro Larsmon (b. 1981)
from Oslo and currently living in Los Angeles, where she is doing an MFA at California Institute of the Arts, LA. She has also graduated from the Art Academy in Bergen and Konstfack in Stockholm. Recently she participated in "vårutstillingen" at Charlottenborg Kunsthal (Copenhagen), where she was nominated for the Jury Prize. In 2010 she was awarded an OCA residency at KW in Berlin.

Kristine Øksendal (b. 1977)
Kristine Øksendal (b. 1977) is a trained visual artist from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London and the Art Academy in Oslo. She combines a variety of artistic techniques, such as photography, painting and film. Her work has recently been shown at Podium, Høstutstillingen and the Short Film Festival in Grimstad.

Jennie Hagevik Bringaker (b. 1978)
graduated with a BFA from the Academy of Performing Arts and an MFA in Studio Art at New York University. She has previously exhibited in the Vigeland Museum, National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Podium, A.I.R. Gallery, Artist Space (NY), Performa 09- Bruce High Quality (NY), Chez Buswick (NY), Emily Harvey Foundation (NY) and 80 WSE Gallery (NY).

Marte Ramm Fortun (b. 1978)
Marthe Ramm Fortun is an educated artist with a BFA from Camberwell College of Arts and an MFA from New York University. She has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Young Artists' Society, Høstutstillingen, Monty ABN (BE), Styx Project (BE), Jessica Silverman Gallery, Chelsea Art Museum, (US) and SculptureCenter (US). She is represented by Galerie January Dhaese (BE) with a forthcoming solo exhibition in 2012.