Consciousness in the time of Kairos

16.11.2018 til 02.12.2018

Consciousness in the time of Kairos
Daniel Slåttnes, Sara Rönnbäck and Hans Edward Hammonds

Opening 19.00 16/11
Performance, 19.30 16/11

Artists’ talk 15.30 17/11 about the exhibition in the form of an open conversation with the artists.

Exhibition open:
Sat- Sun 12.00-17.00 until 2/12
Or after agreement, contact us at for this.

Daniel Slåttnes, Sara Rönnbäck and Hans Edward Hammonds have used the notion of subjective, experienced time as a starting point for the exhibition. Together and on their own, they have been working with the theme since Autumn 2017. The word ‘kairos’ in the title comes from old Greek and means ‘the right moment’. It describes a qualitative form of time. They have explored time while in a spectrum of states of mind and reflected over the qualitative time as opposed to clock-time and other measurable forms of time. Using time as a material, the exhibition consists of sculptural work, spatial installations, text, performance, soundwork and video.

How does one materialise time, and visualise sensations around time? The time permeates through everything. In their discussions, the question of how they see time has repeatedly arisen. Is time a mist? Or is time an all encompassing loaf where one only experiences one slice at a time? A membrane? How we visualise and experience time for ourselves is replete with metaphors which never describe the experience fully. How does the psyche affect actual time? And how does time affect us as people?

The exhibition is supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV)

Daniel Slåttnes (b. 1986) received a Masters in Visual Art from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO) in 2014. His graduation project, ‘Meditations over form’ (Meditasjoner over form) is an archive which applied different strategies for creating sculpture through the subconscious. Since 2015 he’s explored the consciousness of plants in collaboration with a houseplant. ‘Vegetal Connections’ at Atelier Nord ANX (2018) revolved around the biosignals of three plants from his studio. The last three years he has also explored the consciousness of materials in collaboration with Sara Rönnbäck through the project ‘Samtale mellom Kropper’. Upcoming exhibitions include, among others, Aldea Centre for Contemporary Art (Bergen) February - March 2019, Oppland Kunstsenter and RAM Galleri (Oslo) in 2020.

Sara Rönnbäck (b. 1988) received a Masters in Visual Art from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO) in 2015. She works with performative sculptures where the meeting point between body, time and space is central. In 2017, she exhibited the project ‘Ephemeral Situations’ at NoPlace, Oslo. The works have since been shown at Østlandsutstillingen in Vestfossen and Cosmoscow International Art Fair in Moscow, both in 2018. Together with Daniel Slåttnes she has developed the work ‘Samtale mellom Kropper’, which has been exhibited in different versions both within Norway and abroad since 2015. Upcoming exhibitions include Aldea Centre for Contemporary Art in Bergen, Oppland Kunstsenter in Lillehammer and RAM Galleri in Oslo.

Hans Edward Hammonds (b. 1983) is based in Stavanger, Norway, and received a Masters of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2010. In his practice he explores humans relationship to nature, and human nature. The last few years he has made several social and interdisciplinary projects for both children and adults. He often works outside with site-specific installations where his departure point is the natural forces, but also works with video, photo, sound, and performance. He’s been an active member of the artist-run spaces K-Lab and Studio 17 in Stavanger. Currently, he is the head of the artistic advisory-board/council at Tou Scene. Upcoming exhibitions includes Vestlandsutstillingen 2019 and Bærum Kunsthall.

Photo: Isak Dalsfelt