The Crossing, an installation by Lucas Maia and Antonio Castles


The Crossing
3 x 16mm projections in loop
Lucas Maia and Antonio Castles

A crossing of roads in a forest is filmed in a 360° panoramic shot and through color separation is divided in three layers: red, green and blue.
The original image is merged again on the same screen by the three projections in an attempt to recompose it, but since every film projector has a specific frequency - even though the standard is 24fps -, the channels fall out of the synchronization and coordination that would be necessary to return to a perfect, one-channeled optical depiction.
This physical constraint of the the projectors establishes relations between the different layers of the image and creates new combinations out of the same landscape.

The crossing is a reduced version from the installation The Circle, the Triangle, the Rectangle and the Crossing (


Lucas Maia, born in 1984 in São Paulo, Brazil, is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. After graduating in economy in the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, he moved to Buenos Aires and attended cinematography courses at the Centro de Formación Profesional del SICA. In Berlin he studied Fine Arts in the University of the Arts Berlin and he is currently enrolled in the program called Art and Media. Since 2011 he is a member of the artist-run film lab LaborBerlin.

Antonio Castles graduated in Fine Arts in 2013 and in History in 2015 from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. His art thesis, "Against the Machine", was presented in the Art Fair of Bogotá in 2014, in the section of unrepresented young artists called Artecámara. In 2015 he took part in the residence "El buen vivir - das gute Leben", organized by the Goethe Institut in La paz, Bolivia. That same year he also participated in the exhibition "Cero Normal", at the gallery Instituto de Visión, in Bogotá, with his project called "Across the Length and Breadth". He lives in Berlin and studies at the University of the Arts in the class of experimental film.

The installation is a co-operation between Kurant and Polar Film Lab and its part of the nordic network "Starting from scratch" involving 3 analogue film labs: Kinosmiðja (IS), Filmverkstaden (FI) and POLAR FILM LAB (NO).

Made possible with kind support from:
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