24.10.2012 til 27.10.2012

After last year's collaboration between the Insomnia festival and Kurant we continue the success with a new exhibition at this year's festival with the subliminal theme nature.

What is nature and how do we contemplate everything that surrounds us? For this year´s Insomnia we have invited seven artists to reflect on this year’s theme. From the 24th of October and throughout the festival you are welcome to an exhibition at Kurant where you can experience the interpretation of nature from seven various artists. Dealing with sentiments such as alienation, discomfort, comprehension and a genuine identification with the basic principles of nature.


Johanna Kintner(installation)24.10.2012 1800

Aleks Zubkerman(concert)25.10.2012 1900

Shameer Nyland Ali, Emilija Škarnulytė and Ørjan Amundsen (video, performance, concert and installation) 26.10.2102 1800

Maria Dorothea Schrattenholz and Hågen Magnus Kristiansen (video and drawing) 27.10.2012 1800


Johanna Kintner

„Taking something from a plane area and lifting it up so it becomes a space.“ By carrying out and reversing this act, individual items are made visible. These items are woven together and brought into connections evoked by the exhibition space, thus leading to the installation „Models of Universe and Objects Within“.
Starting from an empty field, the space is divided into areas. These areas will expand during the opening on October 24th reorganizing Gallery Kurant as a garden. During the following days this outspreading is inverted and the work compresses itself onto a plane.
A booklet with texts will accompany the installation.

Johanna Kintner, born in 1986, Weingarten/Ravensburg, Germany. Education: 2010- Fine Art, Prof. Judith Hopf, Städelschule, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. 2009-2010 Fine Art, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway. 2006-2009 Sculpture, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter, Germany. Earlier exhibitions in Germany, Norway and Latvia.

Aleks Zubkerman and Katja Nyuppieva
Electro concert

Aleks Zubkerman was born and raised in Murmansk (Russia), the world's biggest city inside the Arctic Circle... In 1999 he began to make first recordings of his musical experiments, playing himself all parts of all instruments. At that time music was depressive and full of noise, it seems like expression of "oh cruel,cruel world!"... Since that time Aleks Zubkerman tried to make music in different styles and developed his abilities in multi instrumental playing. In 2004-2008 he lived in Petrozavodsk, another northern city of Russia and the capital of Karelia Republic, close to the Finnish border. In that time Zubkerman played in different bands and created own projects with other musicians: Zub Dub, TrioSolnyshqo. Getting music education as a professional Balalaika player (balalaika is a Russian traditional folk music instrument), Aleks Zubkerman tried to apply this instrument for playing new unusual music. In 2005 he made a design of Electrobalalaika and this idea was realized by one of the best Russian Balalaika makers. After getting his instrument Aleks Zubkerman started to use electrobalalaika in electronic and noise music. The last work made in Petrozavodsk is the album. Kolybelnaya (2008, project TRIOgroove Solnyshqo). It was released at “Homework net” label. The style was described by critics as : "Pure Polar Minimalism". Since 2008 Aleks Zubkerman has been living in Finland. The calming atmosphere of this country influenced his music. The recent music style can be described as live electronic improvisation, and sounds like ambient/IDM/noise. Looping structures, relaxing and gentle melodies express the slender and modest beauty of Northern nature, which is a powerful source of inspiration. Special Ethno-colors in the music are provided by acoustic folk instruments such as Darbuka, Sigudek, Flutes, and traditional vocals, usually performed by Katja Nyuppieva who will be performing together with him during this concert.

Ørjan Amundsen
“Vers III” (A Promise) 

Vers is an ongoing (2010-) mixed media (video, sound, text, music, performance) project, which can be described as an archive consisting of a fragmented, abstract, non-linear introspection into one human being, intended as a message to extraterrestrials (still unknown). A subjective version of The Golden Record, which was sent into space with the Voyager probes in 1977.

Ørjan Amundsen is currently a student at the Art Academy in Tromsø. Focusing on short films, poetry and music.

Emilija Škarnulytė
“No place rising”

(sound performance + video installation)

Imagine a city which hasn't been built yet, and it is not yet conscious of its own existence. “No Place Rising” is a reflection of someone's individual utopian dream, which will never be a common dream. It all began in the bottom of the Yellow sea in South Korea, a future city at different place, at different suspended time. The city with big wind mills, gasoline stations, dykes, endless roads and no inhabitants at all. You feel like an animal walking in an open endless field.
The city rises, the islands become mountains, everything is covered with sea shells and red sea weed and still no actual life force exists here, everything is frozen. Continuity. Invisible slavery. Rapidly changing distances leave the void behind us as a memory of what would often remain unnoticed.What is the speed of violence that created these transformations?

Emilija Škarnulytė (born 1987) is an emerging artist working in the field of interdisciplinary art. She mostly uses video and sound, and produces installations and performances. Emilija’s work consists of a series of poetically active visions, in which she investigates reality with a political and poetic approach. In 2010, she graduated from the Brera Academy, Milan, where she studied sculpting. At the moment she is studying MA in Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art.
The artist has recently participated and worked in residencies in South Korea and the Philippines. She has held personal shows in Milan, Paris, Norway, Lithuania and Athens. In 2009, she was awarded the Italian National Prize of Fine Art for her video “Limbic System”.

Shameer Nyland Kinniya
"The History of Humanity (a short summary according to Shameer)". 

The project consist of animated illustrations, that in short summarizes the history of mankind according to the artist.
Shameer Kinniya is currently a student at the Art Academy in Tromsø.

Hågen Magnus Kristiansen
“Kiss and tell” 

If what you see is what you believe, the world wouldn’t be so complicated. Through my drawings I try to give form to my experiences in the world. In my drawings everything operates within the same hierarchy and therefore I’m hoping to give an impression of this world. I carelessly blend formal elements with figurative elements, and this builds up a complex structure just like the mind works.

Hågen M. Kristiansen currently lives and works in Tromsø both as a tattooist and visual artist.

Maria Dorothea Schrattenholz

Maria Dorothea Schrattenholz is currently a student at the Art Academy in Tromsø


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