Dream Academy Seminar

17.11.2017 til 19.11.2017

Kurant congratulates The Art Academy in Tromsø

On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the Art Academy in Tromsø (TACA), Kurant is making a publication with the aim of opening for reflection on the societal role of contemporary art education. As a part of the research and editing process, we are arranging a seminar at Tromsø Kunstforening where audience is invited to contribute their own views and experiences to the conversation.

The establishment of an art academy in Northern Norway was a politically charged issue since the 1970’s, which culminated in the work of the preparatory committee and the founding of the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art. On the tenth anniversary of its foundation, we wish to rethink the political and societal importance of the Art Academy in light of actual experience as well as the hopes and aspirations which brought it into existence.

Kurant is an artist-run space founded in 2009 by students from the art academy, which since then has been passed on to subsequent generations of young artists from the Tromsø art scene. Our aim with this project is to produce a book that will be a resource for all interested in creative relations to the social and institutional frameworks that surround us.

Editors: Henrik Sørlid and Camilla Fagerli
Research assistants: Åsa Sonjasdotter and Robert Julian Badenhope Hvistendahl

Moderator: Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, Director at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter

November 17 12-6pm

Art education in theory and practice

12:00 Introduction by Kurant

12:30 Presentation of the profile, a document that laid down certain guidelines for the Academy at its inception, by Geir Tore Holm, artist and project leader for developing TACA (Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art) before it was established

13:30 Conversation about the implementation and discontinuation of the profile between Åsa Sonjasdotter, artist and former institute leader and professor at TACA and Hanna Horsberg Hansen, art historian and associate professor at TACA

15:00 Lunch break

15:45 Thoughts about developing a new form of art education within an institution with 20 years of experience - Katja Eyde Jacobsen, principal Nordland Art and Film School

16:30 About the current teaching program at TACA, Arne Skaug Olsen, associate professor at TACA

17:15 Summary and feedback

November 18 4-5:30pm

This part of the program will be held in Scandinavian

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway is currently going through a process of reorganizing its faculties, and it has been decided that The Faculty of Fine Arts should be assimilated to another faculty. A new report reviewing two different options will be addressed by The University Board on November 30. This report can be read here (only in Norwegian) https://uit.no/Content/546365/cache=20171011130245/Rapport%20fra%20arbeidsgruppe%20om%20plassering%20av%20Kunstfak%5B1%5D.pdf

16:00 Conversation about the background for structural decisions within the university and its potential effect on art education, Wenche Jakobsen, Prorector for education and quality at the University in Tromsø, and Markus Degerman, Professor at TACA

17:00 Feedback

November 19 12-6pm
Art education in locality and context

Local, regional and international perspectives on different ways in which TACA has influenced society and contemporary art.

12:00 Introduction by Kurant
12:15 Conversation about the local art scene, Kristin Tårnes, artist and part of Kurants board, and Jet Pascua, artist and leader of Small Projects
12:45 Lisa Hoen, Head of culture, Tromsø municipality
13:15 Coffee break
13:30 Tommy Olsson, Art critic based in Oslo
14:00 Ivan Galuzin and Glafira Severianova, Artists and curators based in Murmansk
14:30 Summary and feedback

15:00 Lunch break

During and after the lunch the editorial office is open