DSNY: Tromsø edition

25.04.2014 til 27.04.2014

Opening Friday at 8pm
Open Saturday – Sunday 12 – 17

Bob Szantyr, Jeremy Olson, Max Razdow, Jamie Diamond, April Childers, Joey Vega, Jarrod Anderson, Sörine Anderson, Vanessa Albury, Jen Gustavson, Paula McCartney, Jesse Bransford, Jessica Gispert, Crystal Curtis, Tanya Busse, Liv Bangsund, Bente Ånestad, Linn Horntvedt, Joar Nango,
Margrethe Pettersen, Ane Elene Johansen, Kristin Tårnes, Marit Landsend, Britt Hennie Halvorsen, Hågen Kristiansen

DSNY er et konsept utviklet av de to kunstnerne Vanessa Albury og Sörine Anderson, bosatt i New York. Utstillingen inneholder små kunstverk som de fleste kan ha råd til, og den er inspirert av pop-up butikker fra Fluxus-tiden og ideen om at alle bør ha råd til å eie kunst. For DSNY: Tromsø Edition har Albury og Anderson tatt med seg verk fra kunstnere bosatt i New York, og Kurant har invitert kunstnere fra Tromsø til å delta. Mange av verkene er laget spesielt for DSNY.

Kunstnerne måtte forholde seg til disse rammene: Størrelsen på hvert verk begrenses til 10 x 10 inches (25 x 25 cm) i hver retning, slik at det passer for internasjonal transport. Det kan ikke koste mer enn 100$/ 800 NOK. Kunstnerne oppfordres til å gi en donasjon på 40% av salget til DSNY og Kurant.

DSNY er støttet av Norsk Kulturråd, Introfondet og Sparebanken Nord-Norges Kulturnæringsstiftelse


DSNY (aka December Store) is the curatorial extension of Vanessa Albury and Sörine Anderson’s studio practices, featuring affordable artists’ multiples and small works. Performance and video works are also included. Inspired by the pop-up stores of the Fluxus era and the notion that everyone should be able to afford to own art, Anderson and Albury have assembled artists within their New York City community to participate in this project. When collaborating with art spaces in other cities, a third curatorial perspective is included to create an edition of the project that unites Albury and Anderson’s arts community with local artists abroad. Many of the works are specially crafted for the DSNY project.

For DSNY: Tromsø edition at Kurant, there will be a 3-day event featuring about 12 American and 12 Norwegian artists' works and performances. All the participating artists were given these guidelines: Each work would be constrained to proportions that facilitate international transportation: no larger than 10x10 inches in any direction. All the work must be valued at $100/ 800 NOK or less. The artists are encouraged to give a suggested 40% donation of sales to DSNY and Kurant.

The conceptual theme of the show is Exchange. Exchange is open to interpretation by the artists and can include economic trade, sharing ideas and space and cultural dialog. Exchange is cultural, physical, verbal, biological, monetary, ideological, political, aesthetic, corporeal, spiritual, digital, metaphysical, textual or philosophical. This show is an investigation of exchange in all its forms and functions. What kind of exchange can take place between with a stranger, an outside force, a foreign body, or yourself? And what are the implications? What can we share across cultures and what is missed in cultural and linguistic translation? What does it mean economically to be a working artist in Norway versus in the USA and amidst their respective economic rises and down-turns? How does the art market impact art that is produced versus how does a government-backed funding system impact art? The Exchange show is about the possibility of conflation of space between places and of the distance between people. The project is an attempt to intermix the creative spaces of New York City with Norway.

About DSNY:
The first DSNY was on NYC’s Lower East Side in December 2011. In 2012, DSNY had a European début in Ghent, Belgium at Galerie Jan Dhaese with guest curator Jan Van Woensel. The show was comprised of over fifty artists primarily from New York and Belgium. In June 2013 DSNY collaborated with Vebjørg Hagene Thoe at Galleri 2 in Stamsund, Norway with the Stamsund International Theater Festival. Most recently, in December 2013 Kathleen Forde curated DSNY at P339 Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the exhibition x/+ The Multiple Addition. The art communities of NYC, Ghent and Stamsund met the stores with spirited enthusiasm. DSNY has been featured on a number of art blogs, including Eyes-towards-the-dove.blogspot.com and SovereignNation.org and in local newspapers.