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06.06.2014 til 17.06.2014


the exhibition will be open 7.-8. JUNE and 13.-15. JUNE 12-17

Hedvig Biong, b. 1985, Norway
Biong received a BFA from the Department of Photography at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2011. She is engaged in various collaborations with other artist groups, such as KAAL, Gruppe 11, Syden and The Ocean Unseen. In her artistic work, Biong explores the relationships between humans and humans, and places and humans. Her work often evolves from personal reactions to situations observed or experienced, where limitation and emotion are recurring themes.  Currently Biong’s artistic work engages holiday as a phenomenon: happiness, leisure and relaxation, and the inner and outer landscape existing in connection to this reality.  

Kåre Grundvåg b.1984, Norway
Grundvåg received a BA from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art in 2013. For the last eight years he has been part of the art scene in Tromsø in various capacities, most notably as one of the founders of Kurant Visningsrom.  Grundvåg’s practice explores various preindustrial modes of production, often inspired by vernacular architecture and problem solving.

Cal Harben b. 1986, Canada
Harben received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 2009.  Their work often takes the form of sculptural installations, photographs and video. Harben’s work often involves collaborations with artists, individuals and youths in collective and site-situated projects. Their practice takes interest in themes of duration, multiplicity and the visual aesthetics of queer embodiment: Harben’s artistic work involves the research and production of double-goers - those that travel in circular motions of time, appearing and dispersing. Most recently, their work is oriented towards opening up perceptions of, and applying, a queer reading to historicized public figures.

Anna Kukielka, b. 1978, Poland
Kukielka received a BFA in ceramics from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2012. She has been living and working in Norway since 2000. Kukielka works primarily with ceramics; however, other materials like textile, wood, metal and glass are often included in her works. Her artistic work can be described as a balancing between sculpture and installation. In her work, Kukielka tries to create a dialogue between the materials in use, with focus on the relationship between the sites where the artworks are exhibited.

Georgia Munnik, b.1990, South Africa
Munnik received a BFA from the University of the Witwatersrand School of Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2012. Over the last two years, Munnik’s practice has become increasingly concerned with themes of oppression within colonial and post-colonial language discourses: Munnik explores the erasure of anachronistic colonial languages as collective-linguistic memory loss within post-colonial settings. Her work is currently focused on the policy of Norwegianization of indigenous minorities in Northern Norway between the 17th-20th Centuries, and in particular, how this policy has influenced the discourse of linguistic hegemony within the region today.

Camilla Renate Nicolaisen b. 1988, Norway
Nicolaisen received a BFA in ceramics from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2012. While studying Social Anthropology, it became apparent to her that the north was her base and earthly connection, towards which her artistic practice has become a nomadic vehicle for. Nicolaisen uses an immaterial approach in guiding the process of her work, which is currently focused on the borderline between art and anthropology. She has worked with installation, performance and site-specific events in the past.

Robel Temesgen, b. 1987, Ethiopia
Robel received a BFA in Painting from Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, in 2010. His artistic work focuses on society in the search for sustainability and the comprehension of sociological changes. Temesgen’s artistic mediums include conversation, performance, installation, painting and video. He has collaborated in projects with other artists, artist collectives, and communities. Engaged in the Ethiopian art scene; Temesgen has participated in exhibitions, workshops, residencies, festivals and conferences, both locally and internationally. Temesgen taught drawing, painting and composition at Alle School of Fine Arts and Design from 2010-2013.

Andre Enger Aas, b. 1987 Norway
Aas received a BFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 2013.
In his artistic work, Aas works with different kinds of media, but usually he makes some sort of image. His work’s engagement may vary from themes within the sciences to counterculture; social commentary and critique is often a part of his work. At the moment Aas is exploring the concept of progression.