Forening For Handlingsrom Utstilling
Vernissage Forening for Handlingsrom - credit Kristine Rød
Vernissage Forening for Handlingsrom - credit Kristine Rød
Finissage Forening For Handlingsrom

Forening for Handlingsrom

14.08.2020 til 30.08.2020




14. -30. August

General opening times: Wed - Sun, 12:00 - 17:00

Events (more to come!):

Vernissage and alcoholic bar: Fri, 14. August 19:00

Loppemarked/ Fleamarket/ Bring and Buy Sale: 15. August 12:00 - 16:00

Nothing is Permanent Conversation Café (sign up required): 16. & 23. Aug 15:00

Afterwork Alcohol-Free Cocktail Bar: Every Wed (19. & 25.) 16:00 - 19:00

Afterwork Pub (alcoholic): Every Thurs(20. & 26.) 16:00 - 19:00

Tromsø Kunstforening exhibition Opening: Fri, 21. August 19:00

Perlepub : Sat 29. August 1200 - 1600
Come together to try and make something with beads. Led by Liv Bangsund with slide show, and  research and information about Spitsbergen (part of TV Takeover). Kurant will serve soup and coffee free for any hungry, beading souls.

Finissage and alcoholic bar: 30. August



Sundsalen, Tromsø Kunstforening, Muségata 2, Tromsø




The unnamed collective: Thor Birkedal, Liv Bangsund, Steinar Hauge, Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl, Anna Näumann, Malin Lin Nordström, Rurik Sjösten




κυℜλη† presents Forening for Handlingsrom, a living, active take-over in Tromsø Kunstforening. From 14. - 30. August, the 'Sundsalen' gallery in TKF will be occupied with process-based art, a bar, kurant’s office and a whole host of events.

A year on from the project, Kurant Naust og Fiskemottak, the same group of artists (with some new additions) has come together again to form an unnamed collective. They will shape and build the exhibition space, the events programme and to continue their work to provide art, ENERGY & conversation to Tromsø.

They wish to practice art and challenge how to invite the audience into an art space, to make a space that lives, HAS PURPOSE, and can be used for whatever is needed and that is silly, serious, and does not always make strict sense.

During the exhibition Kurant and the art collective will consider who they are, and what it means to be a forening, to ‘forene’. They will keep an open process where the artists and Kurant are present in the space. Parallel with working on the collective identity the artists are also creating works, happenings and meeting places for the public to visit/spectate/part-take.


Our events programme will be added to throughout the next few weeks, as the collective works together on-site, thinking about what is needed; as a collective, as an art scene and as a city. As we wish the project to be spontaneous and responsive we will add some events as we go, keep up to date by checking our facebook or website - we will also keep a calendar IN the space - that updates regularly.

The space is dependent on someone to activate it. This could be me, this could be you, it could be your neighbour or your mother.     Someone.     Some people.



Forening for Handlingsrom is a part of Tromsø Kunstforening’s summer programme, as they count down to their 100th anniversary in 2024, and consider a potential future as a Kunstens Hus.