Jos McKain / Tor Erik Bøe: Spring Exercises


It’s spring, we’re crawling out of hibernation, grabbing a beer on the way, stretching our muscles. Our blood is flowing again.

«Spring exercises» is the first collaboration between McKain and Bøe. Inspired by the Norwegian russ-celebration, «Spring exercises» will first be performed in Tromsø at Kurant Gallery, then later in Oslo.

And of course, after show: party.
Warning:Warning: The party will have a russ theme. Deal with it.


Tor Erik Bøe is an Oslo based performer and multi-medial artist. He’s been curating performance programs for several years, at various venues like Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall, Kurant, Kunstnerforbundet and The Vigeland Museum. He is currently one half of the duo Trollkrem.

Jos McKain has performed and developed work with several different visual artists and companies. Including the 2014 Prix Marcel Duchamp winner Julien Previeux, MOCA Los Angeles with Marina Abramovic, Tori Wrånes and toured with the late Mike Kelley’s international retrospective. McKain is currently on residency at La Sira in Paris.