28.03.2014 til 06.04.2014

by Morley Hill

Kurant is pleased to present Krin, the latest and most ambitious work to date by the London-based Morley Hill. Morley Hill has exhibited widely both in Norway and the UK. The works are characterized by an idiosyncratic sacred geometry and an obsessive attention to detail and form. Described in Dazed and Confused magazine as work that ‘pushes the boundaries of structure and freedom’, Morley Hill is the architect of an obscure material democracy.

Nestled in Kurant’s brutalist exhibition space and looming out of the darkness, Krin is a graveyard of wooden skeletal forms, mechanical monuments to the forgotten triumphs of Modernity. Hubble telescope meets towering garden shed, Krin is high-energy melancholy, a forgetting machine that spins the wheels of our childhood imaginations and sorrowful pasts.

The opening is on Friday the 28th of March at 20:00.
The bar is open and cash is queen!

The exhibition will be open:
29.-30. March
3.-6. April