Kurant Kino Presents: She's Gotta Have It & Anomalies are only anomalies if you think of anomalies as Anomalies


Doors open at 19.30.
We're presenting two curated programs:
20.00 She's Gotta Have It
21.15 Anomalies are only anomalies if you think of anomalies as Anomalies

Please note that we are at Tromsø Kunstforening!

Curated by Birgitte Burger-Utzer, Sixpack films

It was the first feature length film by Spike Lee, humorously exploring the self-confident sexuality of a young black woman. Lee’s film from 1986 initiated a wave of African American cinema that illuminated its themes from a black point of view. This program of the same name aptly gathers works in which women insist on the self-determination of identity and how they or their concerns are represented. This of course does not necessarily imply conformity to common behavioral patterns or social conventions. Rather, in these films it appears more important to overcome normative restrictions and relationships. Extraordinary female personalities forge their own individual and courageous paths. (Brigitta Burger-Utzer)

- Hafenperlen -
Katrina Daschner, Austria, 2008, 12 min

- Moscouw -
Joerg Burger, Austria, 2001, 20 min

- Exomoon -
Gudrun Krebitz, Austria, 2015, 6 min

- Couples -
Maria Lassnig, Austria, 1972, 10 min

- sexy -
Kurdwin Ayub, Austria, 2013, 3 min

Nana Swiczinsky, Austria, 1997, 8 min


Curated by Kurant in collaboration with Sarah Shipschack

Kurant Kino presents eight artists’ works from the film archive of Sixpackfilm. The programme takes the body as a site of negotiation, reassertion or potential alienation. It gives rise to both cultural and personal narratives of the self, but simultaneously can be used to disempower, distance and categorise one’s being. Who gives rise to these narratives and where do these categories start to dissolve?

This programme has been arranged to coincide with Open Out Festival, and made in collaboration with Sarah Schipschack and Sixpackfilm in Austria.

- Farewell to hell -
Sabine Marte, Austria, 2014, 7min

- Seas of pearls -
Katrina Daschner, Austria, 2016, 9min

- STA! -
Pedra Costa, Austria, 2017, 6min

- Self -
Claudia Larcher, Austria 2015, 8min

- Binary Reflections. Part 01: One or two thoughts on incompleteness. -
Marion Porten, Austria/France/Germany, 2015, 11min

- Jackson/Marker 4AM -
Ruth Beckerman, Austria, 2012, 3min

- Unearthing. in conversation -
Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski, Austria, 2017, 13min

- MoE paris -
Billy Roisz, Austria, 2017, 4min