Kurant Kino Presents: Two Artists Moving Image programme


We are presenting two curated programs:

-8pm we will show: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE FILMS I MEAN FILMS ALL YOU NEED IS EYES, presented by Benjamin Cook
-9:30pm we will show: Scenes from the life of an impatient man,
a program by Stephen Sutcliffe

Please note that we are at Tromsø Kunstforening!

the First Decade of the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative 1966-76

Founded in October 1966 as a non-commercial distributor of experimental films, the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative (LFMC) was a unique organisation that provided access to production facilities and developed a context for radical investigations of film as material. Its film workshop enabled artists to control every stage of the filmmaking process; a creative freedom that was often extended, through the creation of expanded cinema works, to rethink the whole apparatus of ‘cinema’

Collectively run on a largely voluntary basis, the LFMC operated without funding throughout its early years. Nonetheless, it maintained a distribution office, cinema space and film workshop in a number of run-down, former industrial buildings. This precarious but supportive environment was one of the centres of radical culture in 1960s London which stimulated a remarkable body of films and theoretical work that anticipated today’s diverse culture of artists’ moving image.

LUX is the inheritor of the LFMC’s history and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. This programme presents key works from the first decade of the organisation which have recently been restored digitally plus one classic expanded cinema work.

Introduced by Benjamin Cook, Director, LUX.
- Dresden Dynamo -
Lis Rhodes UK, 1971 – 1972 5 minutes, Colour, 16mm to HD

- Key -
Peter Gidal UK 1968, 10 minutes, 16mm to HD

- Footsteps -
Marilyn Halford UK 1975, 6 min, 16mm to HD

- Shepherd’s Bush -
Mike Leggett UK 1971, 15 min, 16mm to HD

- Associations -
John Smith UK 1975, 7 min, 16mm to HD

- Soul in a White Room -
Simon Hartog, UK, 1968, 4 min, 16mm to HD

- Castle One -
Malcolm Le Grice UK, 1966, 20 minutes, 16mm and Lightbulb
Scenes from the life of an impatient man
Stephen Sutcliffe

Glasgow based artist Stephen Sutcliffe (1968, Harrogate) creates film collages from an extensive archive of British television, film sound, broadcast images and spoken word recordings which he has been collecting since childhood. Often reflecting on aspects of British culture and identity, the results are melancholic, poetic and satirical amalgams which subtly tease out and critique ideas of class-consciousness and cultural authority. Through an extensive editing process Sutcliffe's works pitch sound against image to subvert predominant narratives, generating alternative readings through the juxtaposition and synchronization of visual and aural material.

Recent and upcoming exhibitions include: Glasgow International (2018) Rob Tufnell, Cologne (2018); ‘Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (2017), ‘Twixt Cup and Life’, the Hepworth, Wakefield (2016); ‘Going Over’, Rob Tufnell, London (2015), ‘Outwork and workings out’, Tramway Glasgow (2013).

For this event Stephen presents a special programme of works, influence and autobiography. Following the screening the artist will be in discussion.