Kurant Kino: In Sediment and Shadow


Kurant Kino: In Sediment and shadow

28. November, 14:30 - 18:00 

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We don’t know what the future brings, or when we can meet, where we can meet, how we can meet, in the coming months, so we are taking this opportunity to come together and to show a lot of really wonderful art and we hope you will join us. There will be coffee, there will be food. There will be conversations, there will be images - most of them moving, though not always swiftly.

'In Sediment and Shadow' presents two programmes with a total of seven moving-image works. It explores what is revealed in the very surfaces of things and asks what it is made from, the hidden structures, ideologies and stories? What resides in the sediment which settles and forms the landscape around us - through images and memory, through politics and matter. With works from Adriana Arroyo, dextro.org, Lukas Marxt, Lukas Marxt & Vanja Smiljanić, Lydia Nsiah, Stefan Otto & Sascha Reichstein.

Thanks to film distributors Sixpack Film, Arsenal and to Stefan Otto.  


All we ask is you bring your eyes, your ears, your presence and also Bring Your Own Blanket - let's get cosy and enjoy each other's company.

We would ask that you do not bring sneezes, coughs and colds - we will be doing everything we can to limit infection - masks and gloves while serving, antibac, registration - the full shebang! We hope our audience will also take care and be responsible for themselves and others.

Disposable masks will be available to those who want and need them.

Filmworks are in English, or silent/non-verbal