Deadline: 13:00 (GMT+1) 30th Sept.


'The Construction of a New Body'

'Konstruksjonen av en ny kropp'


Dear all, Kurant are happy to announce our open call for a two day festival at Stakkevollan, Tromsø - Norway. We’re looking for moving-image works, performance, relational, durational or any other artwork - you name it - which relates thematically to the site and to the context of the festival. 




Installation: 13. - 14. November

Festival: 15. - 16. November


From the Swedish Folk Home to the New-town, Corbusier to the Metabolism movement to Celebration Village; from Radio Calisthenics to the Greek gymnasium to the Nazi’s ideal man - the body and the home have historically been used as sites for the manifestation of political ideology, the collective and social change. How are our bodies collective sites of contest and creation to propagandise or empower the political systems we are within? Who designs the buildings we inhabit or the political paths we move along? Is the body directed by the houses and the system it works within or does it mold, shape, strengthen or destroy? ‘The Construction of a New Body seeks to explore contemporary modes of living, our collective movement and the question of who builds utopia and how do we live  there when it is done?

Site Background

Stakkevollan is a suburb of Tromsø. Most of the buildings at Stakkevollan were built in the 1980s, and consist mainly of tiered, terraced houses constructed into the hill. Here you can also find an auditorium which will be the base for the project, it was previously built to be a cinema but has never been used as one. This is something the project will explore. 

At Stakkevollan you can also find a sport center which is build into the mountain. Here there is a swimming pool, football field & a gymnastic hall.  Down in the “center” you’ll find the city's best thai restaurant together with a supermarket. And further up the area there’s a school and a kindergarten. 


Key Words
Socialism, collective, individual, community, body politic, site for action - political space a space for the body - public architecture - build for the residents not for the visitors/tourism, efficiency, non-commercial sites, desire lines, the body is the state and the state is the body, expectations, rules, failure, power, manipulation, utopia & “utopia”




-> Do you have ideas for this project? We are interested in artists applying with pre-existing works which correspond to the thematic or with proposals for a site specific work.

We need: 

Project description or sketch or images or link to the complete video

Portfolio & CV 


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Subject line: “Open Call Stakkevollan”


By 13:00 (+1 GMT) 30 September 2019.


Interesting projects will be followed up by Skype the following week.


Practical Info 

We have a budget for artist fees and travel costs. These will vary depending on the scale of the project or submitted artwork. We’ll have a dialogue with each artist regarding this with accepted projects.

About Kurant

Kurant is an artist-led space based in Tromsø, which has been running since 2009. We’re currently running a nomadic programme in and around the Tromsø area. Kurant's objectives are to assist in the development and strengthening of Tromsø's growing art scene and environment. The programme is shaped by the artists who organise and run the space, and focus particularly on contemporary, emerging and early-career artists.


Thank you <3 


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