Never Mine



NEVER MINE is an exhibition by Gruppe 11 shown at Kurant in Tromsø the 31st of July 2013 and is a result of an artist recidency at Senja.

In the projekt NEVER MINE Gruppe 11 explores the collaborative practice and try to challenges some of the conventions connected to collaborations within art.

NEVER MINE tangent being a relational and a conceptual project, between being photographic, text and landart. Within the project, the intention is to move away from the individual and to create art together as a group, where the group through discussion and trials comes to the final result.

Gruppe 11 consists of nine artists graduated from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2011. The group was founded from a wish to continue collaborating in a professional manner, through exhibitions, publications and events.

Gruppe 11 consists of Hedvig Biong, Elias Björn, Eivind Egeland, Audar Kantun,
Carl-Oskar Linné, Marius Moldvær, Arne Pedersen, Marthe Elise Stramrud and
Ellen Henriette Suhrke.


Elias Can’t you see the relation, now when we do things together, it's an extension of… You cannot do anything without the help of others. This is similar to financial funds. If you are going to cultivate land as a farmer you need to lease the land, if you are to build a company you need to invest time, it may take 50 to 100 years to build up a knowledge base and a tradition that eventually return a revenue. Constantly restarting the wheel is in many aspects quite inefficient.
Calle How do you mean to restart the wheel?
Elias Being unable to build on something that goes beyond oneself, like a business.
Calle Ok, so you say it is inefficient to...
Elias To reset each time, yes.
Calle But is it perhaps more fair?
Elias Yes, maybe it is.

Marius But that´s how it is with a boat? If you buy a boat you get fishing rights.
Calle Is that so?
Hedvig Yes.
Marius Everything can be owned... The sun and the moon and the stars.
Calle All that touches your eye is yours son.
Hedvig Haha, what is it?
Calle Lion King. But it points out the absurdity in sitting here and owning that mountain peak.

Hedvig There is a cabin that is built on a beach in Lofoten that is really nice. The cottage is built of junk and without permission and is open for all to come and use it. We slept in the house for two nights. The first night we were up to 4am for sure, and we slept all day. The next day at least five-six groups entered the house while we were sleeping. First they said "Hello hello" then they opened the door and said "This is the house of two surfers that lived during winter here." Then we shouted "Hello, we are sleeping in here." In the end so many tourists had walked in and out, they came every half hour, so we decided not to care about it, just sleep and let them enter. We were sleeping in a bedroom which was smaller than the room here, about half. A house that is a tourist attraction that is a residential building without ownership. The door is open and everyone can come and go. It was a private, intimate situation to lie there and sleep while all sorts of tourists went in and out. The tourists did not see us until they came close. There was a lady that said "This is a public place, so anyone can be here, they cannot throw us out."

Marius I care awfully little about property rights to be completely honest.
Hedvig Never mine.
Calle But do you think indifference is interesting? I mean as a concept or an approach.
Marius I find that very interesting, yes.
(Visitors in the room ... Can I take some wine?)
Marius Oh yeah, help yourself, the box is there.
Calle It is open source. Common.
(Talking about cakes and children)
Calle But what I am saying is that if an open situation, such as the meaning of the two words...
Marius Never mine, yeah.
1. Never mine: Private island outside of Skaland, Senja
2. Never mine: Skaland Graphite AS. Supplying graphite to industries worldwide
3. Never mine: Explosive mines (Anti-personnel/Anti-tank). Preventing free
movement within an area. Ethical minefield (Ethical dilemma)
4. Never mine: Never mind (semantic)
• It is not important
• Do not be concerned (about someone or something, or about doing
• I was wrong, I withdraw my previous statement

Marius My problem with property rights, I see it as a problem for free movement. Being able to go where you want. It restricts...
Calle (waving hands) THE AIR IS FREE! THE AIR IS FREE!
Elias Maybe that’s where it started. sometimes it’s nice, my space...
Calle There is a scale of necessity, there has to be. There are fundamental needs for space, a home for example, or a place to grow your food. But there is not a need to own an island, or a resource remote from your actual needs.
Marius I truly understand, I would never enter a plot and steal someones vegetables, but I think it is quite ok to go past the plot. I would not steal an apple, but I have the desire to go past the apple trees without being shot.

Marius "Never mine", should it be spelled as two words?
Calle Yes.
Marius I think it is multi-faceted, which is ingenious. I can see it as a huge text on the wall.
Calle I bought a t-shirt by Rirkrit Tiravanija that read “OUT NOW”. Who is it aimed at? It is
amazing that shirt, because I see several things in front of me, I see a big police or a guard, perhaps a sverigedemokrat or someone completely different making a sharp remark, for or against something. Should we make a t-shirt?
Marius When you said t-shirt I thought "it would be so nice to have a t-shirt with Never mine on it".
Elias T-shirt, yes. Should we go through materials?
Calle What is that?
Marius It's a movie. Are some of them short?
Hedvig What is it?
Elias I have some snippets of when you are rowing and some pictures of when you row out to the island.
Emilia (not Gruppe 11) From the mountain?
Elias Yes.
Emilia ...because you hear very well from the mountain.
Elias It wasn’t that good.
Marius (in the video) "I'm not rowing, I'm on vay-kay!"
Marius Sorry about that by the way.
Calle You egocentric.
Marius I have blisters on my hands.
Calle I rowed at least as much as you did.
Marius No, I rowed more.
Marius This is not a good one, because it does not show me rowing.
Calle It's showing the truth.
Elias There you see the island. There you are.
Calle The little little dot.
Marius We are the little gray pixel.
Calle There were no animals up there?
Elias Flying animals.
Marius Damn, this national romance.
Elias But t-shirt yes. And the part to do in the sand.
Calle I think that's good.
Marius Will it be our island, if we make a copy of it?
Calle No.